20 Minute Tactics Review and Bonus

20 Minute Tactics Review and Bonus

20 Minute Tactics will show you how to set up simple web pages and easy funnels and how to use Clickbank and Warrior+ to choose the best converting offers…

20 Minute Tactics Review
20 Minute Tactics Review




20 Minute Tactics Introduction

More and more people are struggling when it comes to breaking into affiliate marketing. This is probably because they have so many choices available from all directions, they are becoming overloaded and confused as to which route they should be taking.

The route is a simple one, find a product to promote, create a landing page to build a list and promote the offer, get traffic to your landing page to collect emails and send subscribers to the offer, make sales!  That guys is pretty much the bulk of it and this is exactly what Bobby is teaching in 20 minute tactics so if you are interested, read the whole of this review for full details and news of my awesome bonuses.

20 Minute Tactics Overview

What Is 20 Minute Tactics?

It's a step by step over the shoulder videos showing exactly how to get started in affiliate marketing from choosing the right product to to getting that elusive free  traffic to drive sales and make commissions! Bobby also shows you how to turn this into a passive income machine bringing in passive income forever.

This is great for those just starting out and looking for the fastest way possible to start making commissions and building a list at the same time.


20 Minute Tactics Review – About Author

Bobby D (Dolcee) is an affiliate marketer who has been online now for a few years. Bobby started out a few years ago trying out various methods that simply weren't working for him. After many fails and headaches, he began creating his own products like flippadom and 20 dollar days which were a huge success in his finding his feet as an affiliate marketer. Having found the right groove in a simple, yet effective way of making money, he used it on a dailay basis to rake in regular commissions and begin to build his online presence. From all his efforts comes what you are looking at today in the 20 Minute Tactics training course.

20 Minute Tactics – Features & Benefits

  • Super Easy To Set Up And Perfect For Newbies Looking For A Start In Affiliate Marketing
  • Full Over The Shoulder Videos Showing Your Subscibers Exactly What To Do
  • Once Set Up Spend 20 Minutes A Day For  Passive Income Forever!
  • FREE traffic whenever you want it.
  • Exclusive copy and paste templates


20 Minute Tactics Review – Why Should You Buy It

This is a course that has been targeted towards the newbie and they would find this product a very affordable investment. It's a simple training program with detailed videos that provide training in the easiest form. Having said that, for just $7, it may be worth a small investment to more experienced affiliates just for the free traffic training..I think you guys would find that particular set of videos very ineteresting.


How 20 Minute Tactics Works – Inside The Members Area

Pro's and Cons

On the upside: It offers a great starting point for all affiliates just getting their feet wet and reveals a great little method that you can start using right away

On the downside: There is no training or mention of a review website which I think should be the core  platform of any affiliate marketer..Although Bobby states that this is not required, I thought I would include in my bonus package a full training course on how to build an authority website in any niche just for those that would like to venture into this side of things.

Personal Experience

For me, there was nothing new on the basic side. I did find some usefull landing page and bridge page tips and the traffic videos were of particular interest as I am always looking for additional traffic sources. What Bobby offers traffic wise is some little sneaky tactics that I have never come across so that was a big bonus for me personally.

Pricing and One Time Offers

FE – Full Video Tutorials + Templates + Bonuses  ( $7.00 )

OTO – Access  Video Review Tutorial and Template + tips ( $9.95 )



My Overall Rating 4.6/5 [yasr_overall_rating]

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