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Now, I've been told byseveral of your best friend, several other business owners and youguys, my viewers and my customers, that I'm really good at two things. That first thing is helping peoplestart from zero and create a side income or an income revenue on online. And the second thing is I'm really goodat helping people start and leverage the YouTube platform to really build, change, and scale their online firms. Now, in today's video, we have something incrediblefor you over 50 websites and lotions, where you could generateanywhere between $50 a daylight to $300 a period, depending on how mucheffort you put into them. And I am positive that one of thesethings is going to spark your interest.Now you investigate my objective for you is totake one of these themes, websites, employments that you see today, run with it, start procreating income. And formerly you begin to generatemultiple rivers of revenues, leverage it to build something biggerand better an online business that could be used to subsidize you because I'mguessing if you're like me, you experience living life on your own terms. You want that freedom to be able tobe your own boss and prescribe your own schedule. And of course, make moneywhile doing it. Now, for example, I was recently on this beautifulisland with my little sister. She came to visit me down here in southAmerica and beautiful Metagene Columbia.And we went to see an islandand it was really fun. Not simply to spend timewith her and to loosen , not think about anything andstill have the income coming in passively. I do believethat several of the things, maybe not all of them that we're goingto talk about today does have its full potential to be passive. And by the way, my hope is to make a part two ofthis video and give you an additional 50 websites and apps that you guys couldhave as a resource so that you can get started. If you want to see part two of thisvideo and an additional 50 websites, go ahead and type in part twosites in the comments below. If I get at least a hundred statements, then I will represent part two of this video. So I need your guys's help.Now without further ado, let's get into this gamechanging video. Okay. So let's talk about a categorynow called online hosting lash knowledge back in the day, we all retain where we were. So clearly when the pandemic collision andthe world health organization was like, oh yeah, by the way, it's a worldwidepandemic.Everyone in quarantine, everyone went to their house.You're like, wait a minute, wait, do I have enough groceries? Do I have enough toilet paper tosurvive this quarantine? Anyway, the point is all experiencesthat were in person, all activities that, you are familiar with, you have to go to a lieu andyou had to be around a mob, simply was downed. And that meant that the onlinehosting industry skyrocketed. And so I wanted to talk about a websitecalled Airbnb, but not just Airbnb, but Airbnb suffers where let's sayyou have a skill or a talent that you want to teach. Maybe youwant to teach dancing. Maybe you just wanted to educate howto make cold brew chocolate. Maybe you want to have aworkshop on how to reflect. All of these things are possible now.And Airbnb is really cool becausethat industry has skyrocketed last year or, you are familiar with, overthe past year and a half, as we've been through theups and downs of COVID-1 9, we've seen a skyrocket and increasenot only in Airbnb suffers, but now that ordeals are coming backout to life and we're able to leave our houses and actually participate in a lotof these people who had know-hows in person now have both the optionto have it online and in person. So it was really the best of both worlds, but I would highly suggestAirbnb knowledge. If you just wanted to coach something orhost some type of workshop online, and likewise a website announced symposiumand symposium is a very similar idea to Airbnb knowledge. You can teach and entertain peoplelive from the convenience of your dwelling or from the virtual comfortness.Idon't even know what I'm saying. Is that even a word, but you get theidea. So those two websites, for certain, if you're interested in hosting somethingor engender an income by sharing a talent or a aptitude to severalpeople virtually, okay. So the next category that we're talkingabout is writing and reviewing notebooks. So maybe you are interested inthe freelancing world of writing, or you are somebody who loves toread. I myself, do enjoy predicting. So this would be a good option if Iwanted to get my freelancing occupation started, or my blogging vocation started. And specific my background isengineering.You considered to be, oh, it's super technological. It'slots of math. Slews of it was, it was a lot of equations, a lot of working on Excel sheetsand writing highly technical reports. But that's the thing writing writingis the thing that holds, you are familiar with, around the world together. And it's that one topic where you canreally Excel in any manufacture. And so, although I don't consider myselfone of the very best scribes ever, I do mull I'm pretty good. Like eventhough my topics were very technical, I was always very strongin writing and language. And all those types of classesI always went A's or a pluses. And so if you're somebody who enjoyswriting these websites could surely be for you. All liberty. So let's talk about thesewriter and book review websites. This first one is called BKAcontent.com where you can come here and youcan be a writer for BKA.Okay. So you can check outthis website right here, become a writer for BKA content. If you love to write andwant to get paid for it, then you've come to the right place. So you can check this outwhere freelance writing meets community. So it seems likethis community or this website, this fellowship has a verygreat community online. The next one is called verbilio.comwhere you can become a writer. So you do the writing and wedo the, or they do the remain. So you don't have to worry about trafficand where you're going to get a client. You just apply to be a writer it's free. And then you can see if, youknow, you qualify and “youve had”, and you have what it takes to dobetter and better and obligate more money. And so this is essentially the processon Verbilio on how you must pay. You find a job there's over1 300 purchasers across 40 different industries. Step two, during your search that three createcontent that the flares gained their more errands, build a clientrelationships and get paid.So here's more grounds to checkout for Verbilio right here. So you can check out this website andsee what the services are. For example, I like this perk. You decide whenand how and how much work to do. We don't care whether you'rean early bird or darknes out, as long as your content makesus sing. So this is really cool. The next one is scripted.com. Again, another way you can become a freelancewriter and get this career up and running, and then likewise pro blogger anotherwebsite where you can write. And so I also mentioned a book reviews, so here's a couple of book review websiteswhere you can come and get paid to review works. This one'scalled online book club.org, and the other one is calledKirkus. So Kirkus reviews.com. You can become an editor and getpaid to edit an audit books and basically start making money by helpingauthors edit their work and meet the experience better for thefuture reader of the book.All claim. So the next category of free websitesthat we're talking about is in the realm of social media, that is appropriate. How to make money online with socialmedia. I would never underestimate this. There's always apartment to grow. There'salways room for you and your niche. There's always room for people at thetop to make money with social media. Let's dive into it and go over some ofmy favorite stages where you can get started today and start doing. Money. All right. So of course I wanted to start withmy favorite social media on earth, and that is YouTube more so in myopinion, an education platform. And that's why it's so easy tomonetize the being a YouTuber. Isn't easy. Of track it takesdedication and hard work, but once you get your channel up andgoing, even if it's a small channel, you can monetize like crazy. There's literally 10 easy waysto monetize a YouTube channel. And when, I represent easy, I make, no brainer highways in the first direction, formerly your direct collisions a thousandsubscribers and 4,000 watch hours is with Google analytics.So you can see that my revenue justfor telling ads play on my YouTube channel was about $7,000. This is actually a lower month forme and in the past there's been period. So let's see ifwe go to, for example, last December, June, orJanuary, let me just, let's say the last Decemberlet's see how much it was. It was $10,000. So your revenue on YouTube will goup and it'll go down depending on the algorithm, but that's really thefirst practice to monetize a channel. Well , not really the first direction you can do somany things with a YouTube audience. You could do affiliate commerce, you could sell your own merge, sell your own makes. And I personally have knowledge withmonetizing my direct in several different ways, probably six or seven differentways.And this is what I desire educating. So if YouTube is somethingthat you want to start, it's never too late to get started.It is a passive income powerhouse. I might need to download mysubscribers to marketings plan, which will amble you through the sixsteps in creating a wildly rewarding direct. So you can grab that in the link, in the description and have thatresource as you go the next social media website to start for free and tostart making money is with Instagram. Now I know a good deal of people say that theInstagram algorithm is dead including me. And so it's it doesn't matter becauseeven a small Instagram account can monetize. If you're trying to do consumers, if you're trying to get label administers. So here is my Instagram. It is, I'm not sure how much coin Ican say I've made from Instagram, but I know that with brand slews, it could be something, you know, very lucrative. And let's say you want to start buildingup your gathering and your influence. You can go to different websites.The firstly one's called shout cart, where you can buy shout outs fromother influencers to give you a and shout out.And basically thegoal is to develop your audience. You can do that withshout cart and Shopify, and also shout out experts.com. And so these websites workin several different ways. So you are able to the one paying fora shout out to build your public. And then you know, mostly building and strengthening your congestion to sellwhatever you want here in the link, in the description of your ifyour Instagram profile or you can totally get into influencer marketing. So this website popularpays.comwill help you basically join your Instagram profile with people out thereneeding a campaign to promote their product or whatever it is. Sothat is the realm of Instagram. The next website and social media platformthat cannot be ignored is TikTok and was able to cross 10,000 partisans, which is crazy. It is super viral and I most recommendeverybody start give talk because of the vitality. We really don'tknow how much longer it'll last, but genuinely if you start it, you can sell anything in the linkin the description takes off.Also has a creator fund where Iknow Europe and the United Position, they have set aside a fund of coin topay their pioneers same to YouTube. And the other way to monetize socialmedia is by creating a podcast. So if you go to anchor.fm sponsored by or created by Spotify, there are some ways to monetizeyour podcast right away. So if we go down to monetization, this talks about how you can getpaid to podcasts and how you can have advertisements placed on your podcastsand read out the different ads.So I is certainly check out anchor.fm. If you have been thinking about startinga podcast and wants to start monetizing it right away. Okay? So this next category of websites andapps, it's kind of like low-grade hanging outcome. Okay. And that is earning money fortaking pictures of receipts and too honors targets. So there's several works whereyou could monetize from merely doing the daily average things thatyou have to do day by day. So I used to live in America my wholelife at the moment I live in south America. And I'm assuming that most ofyou watching this video have to do this. And that is to fill up at thepump and get gas for your automobile. There's several lotions where youcan get rewarded for taking pictures of the gas costs of thegas station you're at, because the goal of these apps is toinform people where are the lowest tolls of gas around the city. So they're buying gas or buyinggroceries interests you or not.I guarantee you that these applicationsare low hanging fruit to get guests back, oh , not cash back, and too to earn some remunerations points onthe site and to save some money and get rewarded for helping people understandwhere they can get the cheapest food and the cheapest patrons. And so the first work where youcan get gas back is announced gas, crony, you can sign up for free and then starttaking pictures of your gas acknowledgments. And also you can use the app, get upside where you cando gas and groceries posteriors. It's an app for both apple and Android.And so these next few appswork the exact same road. They mostly want actualdata and buyer informationfrom these receipts and they want people to scan their acknowledgments. So the next application iscalled iBotta, where it's again, gas and grocery receipts andapplication for Android and apple acknowledgment, swine gas andgrocery receipts as well. Checkout 51 is another free applicationwhere you can sign up and you can start scanning acknowledgments for yourgroceries and making money.The next one is called Quidco.This is actually for the UK, only if you are locatedin the United kingdom government. And the last one is called receipt scannerfor remunerations, for gas and groceries, and it is available to download anAndroid and iOS the apple accumulate. So now if you're interested in somethingwith a little bit more substance, let's talk about getting paidfor your opinion, AKA consulting. So if you are interested ingetting paid for your suggestion, your professional advice, somethingthat, you are familiar with, I adore this one. This can realistically supersede the nineto five income you might be earning right now.It's not uncommon foryou to start paying between 2000 to $5,000 within the first coupleof months of doing this. So let's take a at some of these websiteswhere you can start your consulting occupation. Okay? So we're talkingabout consulting websites, where you can get paid forthe knowledge you have. If you go to simply, justanswer.com, this is a cool one where consultantssay they earn an average of two K to seven K a month just for paying outtheir admonition. And it's free to sign up, to apply, to become an expert. You can simply do it by coming hereand entering in this information. If you scroll down, you couldlearn more about how it toils. So making money doing whatyou desire, wield anywhere, anytime online wreak as much, or as little as you require. We welcome all types of experts. So not just maybe if youhave business expertise, but it seems like if youhave academic expertise, this is the place to go. Sohere's the application process, working online to do a backgroundcheck and you can start making money.The next one is clarity.fm. I liked this one because you get todetermine how much money you construct grant. So you can find an expert, but of course we want to be an expert. So you would simply fillout this information onclarity, attach. Now it's free. And the cool thing is you get to say howmuch you want to get paid per minute. So you get paid per minuteon this website. You know, perhaps you can start offwith 25 pennies a instant, and then it goes up to$ 4 aminute. You decide. And you know, as you get more and moreclients and were more deems, you could increase your prices. Here's another one called label me foranother way that you can get expert advice and become an expert and getpaid.So with this next category, we are talking about user testing andhelping websites and companies making sure that everything on their websiteis functioning correctly and the user-ability download ages, whatever “- its” or on neevo.ai is, is simply an internet site where you can getpaid to help companies condition the future. So facilitating with artificialintelligence fill nivo, truly, you signatories to do the task and youget paid what you'll need to do.So artificial intelligence needs to betrained by humans like you in order to work accurately. So you'll provide assistance to by doingsome exams where you be determined in different objects likestreetlights bus, autoes, and only inducing things you are familiar with, you're designated as a human. So in, in theory, it's making artificialintelligence stronger and stronger, which is kind of scary, butHey, you can get paid to do it.So this is all you'll need to do it. And then if we go to the next placewhere you could do some more testing userlytics.com. And so this blend you'll get paidbetween five to $20 per measure. And well mostly evaluatingwebsites and understanding how easy it is to find things. So how easy it was to find the contactus part and substance like that. So really they need youradvice on that type of thing. So that is what Userlytics is all about. Usability hub is a similarwebsite and same doctrine with this one, you do need to be qualified or have sometype of idea on the test you're doing mostly, implying you can't just come on now anddo all kinds of tests or every single test that you see.They do want to make sure that yourbackground and what you have going on. Make-up ability. So, in my mind, that's a way to get paid morebecause it's not just any evaluation. It's a test that you actually haveknowledge with doing with customer brain. These will be a little bit shorter assessments, five to 10 minute tests that youcan take. And with used testing, this one is fun. I went on Redditand checked out how people like this, and they say that they most recommenduser testing. This is how it productions, and you must pay $ 10 per evaluation. And an average test takes about2 0 minutes. So 10 times three, you could potentially construct $30 an hour, depending on how manytests you're able to get. So surely check out one of the following options, if you a user testing and findingout or curing companies with AI and the, the user ability of their websites issomething you were interested in.Okay. So the next list we're talking aboutis affiliate marketing and promoting other people's produces. So essentially you being themiddleman and having an affiliate link online. So whether it's a application, aphysical concoction, a digital download, whatever it is, there's morethan likely a referral platform. And so YouTube comes in again, as one of those websites where youcan really make a big killing with affiliate sell. I know becauseback in the day, when I was fighting, when I had to make a dollar bill fast, this was my savior YouTubeplus affiliate marketing with evaluation traffic.So by reviewingproducts, it could be any product, it could be a software, itcould be something physical. It doesn't matter what it is. I hadpromoted a physical or a non sorry, a digital produce, a software and online business toolwhen it first launched into the market. And so I simply started a bunch of reviewvideos on it and equated it to other softwares in it. And so that's really the name of thegame when it comes to your review traffic on YouTube. Okay. So that, thatis essentially how it runs. And so the next app where you can makemoney as an affiliate, promoting an ad, make money, because it'll help meget your YouTube videos on the delineate. Fast is Tubebuddy. I love Tubebuddy. It's the number one recommendedSEO or search engine optimization tool that I use. And that Irecommend, because if you come here, it's really easy to install.First of all, you simply download the Chrome extensionand you can install it right here into your YouTube channel. There I'll leave a link for a 30 daytrial where you can get any paid plan for free. And there's also discountcode in the description. If you wishes to be acquire scrutinize videosor whatever type of content you miss on YouTube, but this right here, the keyword Explorer is howyou find win names. So if I want it to look up revaluation trafficor whatever type of channel I demanded, like if I want to get, if let'ssay I was a singing coach, like how to sing operafor men or something like gentlemen, humanities, it's going to bring up the, the score and how it grades for, you are familiar with, how to sing opera format and it'llshow all the results right here.So this is a fast way to get yourYouTube videos on the first sheet of YouTube. And by the way, if you are interested in leveragingthe YouTube platform to help build, develop and flake your online business orwhatever you're trying to do online, be sure to watch the free masterclassin the video below that disappears over everything that force, that frame, everything you need to know my journeyand how I was able to build a multiple six-figure company without applying paidadvertising and exactly leveraging the traffic from YouTube. So you cancheck that out after this video. And so a lot of you guys, you know, talking about affiliate marketing, you always ask me what are some of thebest affiliate structures and websites. And in my opinion these are, these are some of the very best, the first ones share a sale. So you can monetize your content you know, leveraging some of the affiliatenetworks and programs that are in here. So let's say you wanted to monetizeyour YouTube videos or your blog berths. You can grab your affiliate associations onthis website of produces that you want to promote.And then the link will becoded to you. And that's how, you know, you can promote it and publish it andget paid to promote concoctions that are a collab that our collaboratoror collaborators with share sale, CJ affiliate or cj.com is a big one. They applied out over, or $1.8 billion in affiliatecommissions last year. So they work with really big name brands. So if there's big name brandsthat you want to promote, CJ affiliate is your website. For sure. There's another one called peer signal ataffiliate structure where you can start for free and start earningaffiliate marketings today. So I would check out one of theseaffiliate networks to see what programs interests you, which one you couldstart promoting and monetizing today. So this next category is more in the realmof starting your own online business, and it has to do withpublishing your own records. Now don't be intimidatedby becoming an author.It's something that Idefinitely obviously wantto add to, I suspect my deed, you know, YouTuber speaker, generator, all that good stuff. You can turn this into a passive incomemachine by becoming an author and publishing notebooks online. We're going to go over thewebsites that they are able become that happen. But “ve been thinking about” it as you publish onebook, that's your online real estate properties, and that could attain youincome passively forever, and you can get started for free.So let's get into it. So the. First website that many of you mayknow is Kindle direct publishing. And so think outside ofthe box a little bit, because you don't needto publish a big novel. It could be where youpublish children's records, you can publish other types ofbooks or what do they call it? It's Kathy talks about it all the time, low-pitched material books.So maybe you want to create a notebookor some type of calendar or something that has no names in it, but still considered a book and youcan publish it with Kindle direct publishing. And so on Amazon that becomespassive income over and over for very little effort upfront, you can design your record veryeasily with canva.com and yeah, start selling it on Amazon.Another one is apple. I booked. So you can put your book onapple and then the other one to really scale it and have it be inother residences throughout the market. You can use Barnes and Noble eBooksand have your book published on here. And then there's also Googleplaybooks. So here's another scaffold. You can put your works in a libraryand get more revelation and get more marketings, Kobo.com. I thinkthat's how you declare it. This is out of the New Zealand and Iforgot what other country and maybe Australia, but limited to them.So if you're in those countries and itcould make Audible to make even more money, you'll want to perform your journal intoan audible so people can read it while they're doing interesting thing. And you can start using thisto gain more passive income. And I highly recommend that. Andspeaking of selling things online, remuneration him is a way to sell membershipsonline and digital downloads. So not certainly a record, but precisely while we're on the topic ofselling things online that you make Payhip is a network reconciler, digital downloads and participations. Okay. So earlier we talked about consultingand leveraging your expertise to hop on the phone and talk to peopleand help solve their problems. But what if your knowledge isn't socorporate? It isn't so business centered, well, guess what if it's more academic than youcan definitely help people with online tutoring and facilitating students or peoplethat need help in a certain academic topic, solve their problemsand you can get paid for it. And online tutoring could bea great way for “youre going to”, okay.So let's start some ofthese online tutoring gigs. The first one is school salt solver.com, where you can get paid to be a tutorand to answer different homework form questions. And the next one is tutor.com. So you will be matched with a studentdepending on your expertise and what kind of questions they have. Sothere's no need to market yourself. It's really cool. All of the traffic is already hereand you can get started for free to becoming a tutor, tutor.com. And if you aren't into wantingto teach English online, which I have several friends thathave done it and are doing it and make a full-time living withdoing this Palfish is a great one.Here's an overview of you asa potential Palfish teacher. You can specify your own rates.Most of these kids in Palfish, I think are based in China.So the hours, maybe, you know, where you have to get up really earlyor stay up really late. But you are familiar with, you get the choice of either apredesigned curriculum from Palfish. You could deserve up to $ 22 anhour or more and plus bonuses. So Palfish is a really cool one. Another tutoring website is aimedfor a tutoring where you, you know, they always have a demand for instructors. You can answer questionsand an academic plain. And the last one is Cambly where youcan get paid per minute to school English on line.Now. This next category isextremely interesting. And if you are interested in crimeor perhaps you are studying law, or you simply merely want to get in theworld of being a juror or being a part of the jury and is to assist decidingif a client is guilty or not guilty, then this could be for you. And that is to become amock juror or an ejuror. So you would be essentially a part of ajury and you would be reading different cases and determining whether theverdict is guilty or not guilty, and you would be doing itvirtually from your dwelling. So what happens is solicitors like totest their cases and see if they have a good client and see if it'sconvincing sufficient to a jury. And that is why they need you tobe on that eatery and to help them determine if it's convincing or not. So you attend a lot of advocates hire mockjurors to help go over their testify and to go over their instance and see if theevidence is strong enough to reach the desired verdict that they want.Now, how cool would this be for a principle studentto be able to practice doing this, make money while doing it and to doit from the convenience of your residence. So let's talk about some of thesewebsites and not to mention these are real court cases going toan actual jury eventually. So it's almost like you get a previewof what's to come in with these different occasions. Okay? So let's take alook @onlineverdict. comand here's how it slogs. You essentially earn income for youropinion.So you're going to sign up, clarify some basic demographicinformation, review and response. So when an advocate affixes an eligiblecase in your province or federal neighborhood, you will receive an email invitationfrom online conviction to review the case at your convenience. There areno right or wrong answers, advocates help most from your honestreaction and the information the juror remittance is made by check onceper month. So this is a cool one. Online verdict is actually a, afocus radical solely for law.So center groups are studies where youcan participate in types of different lawsuits studies that relateto shopping or all, all up technology, otherdifferent things besides constitution. But this one online verdictis specifically for rule. So if we go back to the beginning, what is an online jury focus group? It'll justify right here, what it is. So mostly online Berg has over8 00,000 jury certified citizen inhabitants in virtuallyevery district in the commonwealth, regardless of the size of the case orvenue online verdict can conduct an online focus group and provideresults within 28 to 48 hours. So lawyers really do benefitfrom this and they need online jurors to help with their casesand determining if their attest is good or not. The next one, I knowthe website is a little bit SS. You know, it's not thatpretty, but jurytests.net, you can review advocates specimen, supply feedback and must pay. So you can read more abouthow this works must pay. You will be paid for your time and youroverall payment depends on the length of the case. So this is important. Payments will likely wander between$ 5 per example to $50 per action for rather complicated and involved cases.The next one is called ejury.com, where it's the same thing whereyou can review different cases.And the next one is called sign up direct. So serve as a substitute juror orwork on other research projects, help address legal casesor solve social troubles, pay at least a hundred dollarsor more for up to a day's work. This is really cool. So online orin-person and if randomly selected. So get paid as an arbiterin a word of alternative, alternative dispute settlement incomplex crime and or civil specimen. So you guys get the idea. This is a really cool option if lawor that type of field interests you. So you can check out these websites. Well, well, well, congratulations and high five. We've fix it to the end of the video, but don't go so quickly because Iguarantee if you affection this video, you're going to want to know theinformation come through here in the next video, which talks about more websites, moremethods to creating wealth online.You're going to want to check itout, assemble me in the next video, sound right here, and we'll see youthere. Whether you're living LA Vida loca, traveling all around the world, playingin the water, playing in the brandishes, or whether you're stuckat home in quarantine ..

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