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A friend of mine just lost his wife of 34 years this past spring. He told me it’s the little things that he misses, the dinners together, the fun times visiting friends and family etc. He says the worst thing ever is to come home after work to an empty house…

You see all he had was her and her family, they never had children and he’s not very close with his family at all. I’ve been trying to spend some time with him so he won’t be so lonely all the time.Thankfully he has other friends too…

I was reading a quote the other day from one of my favorite authors C.S. Lewis and it made me think my friend. I read it to him because I thought it was appropriate. Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny. – C.S. Lewis

I often struggle with everyday life, if I’m not careful it’ll hinder the progress I’ve made in my affiliate marketing business. Quotes like these help me to stay positive when troubles arise in my life. Sometimes I incorporate life lessons into my content surrounding my affiliate campaigns, some people find my stories very interesting.

When creating a campaign for an affiliate offer it’s always good to plan on ways you’ll promote the offer. Regardless if you decide to promote on your blog, email list, facebook, instagram or youtube you’ll need to create content. Let’s go over what makes good content for these platforms.

Before creating content for an affiliate offer think about what makes you want to read more and engage with the author?

For most people they want to be able to trust the person, they want to be sure that the person is reliable and credible also. The method or system that works very well for many affiliate marketers is content that has these three parts to it…

A story, some actionable content and the pitch…

Start out the content by telling a story, the story doesn’t have to be about something that happened in your life, although it can. The best content is entertaining, the topic can be as bland as I went for a walk today and guess what happened…Then as you go about telling what happened in the story you can weave in the story something that relates to the product you’re promoting. Once you have woven in the info about your business or product you’re promoting give them some actionable content.

The actionable content can even be takeaways from the story and then relate the takeaways to the service or product you’re promoting. After you’ve successfully achieved the first two parts of this system… it’s time for the pitch.

Successful marketers will be able to weave the three parts of the content together. The way to do that is while you’re telling the story start to relate the story to the actionable content. Then once you’re into the actionable content portion weave the product pitch in there.

For example…

Say you’re telling a story about how you had to learn how to better manage your time to achieve your goals.

Next, you state in your takeaway or actionable content section that now you manage your time better because of what happened in the story. Then the content flows into the pitch where you state that you found this great new time saving software…It has helped you tremendously and they can click the link and try it themselves.

If you found this article useful and are ready to mmove forward, then why not read my article on creating compelling product reviews? You can read this artice here:

I hope this makes sense and it has helped you…good luck with all your affiliate promotions!!!

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