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Hey, Dave here again and in today's post is going to present my Digi Store Builder Review. You will find all the details below about this new eCommerce store builder being launched by Ankur Shukla on November 16th @ 10am EST. Its a product that reveals why the key to making online profits is having your own store and selling your own products.

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The big advantage of having your own store is that you have full control over your business and accept payments directly and selling digital products is much better with Digi Store Builder and here is why.

You only need to add them once to your store and then keep selling constantly without ever having to worry about low stock or shipping issues. This simply means it's offers to more benefits, it's a smarter way to do business, and it's faster and more profitable.

For those wanting to develop and run their own online store, there's a few things that need to be figured out first as far as setting everything up and it can be difficult. That is why i have put together this digi store review so that you can see just how this product is going to give you the opportunity to have your own store, not worry about setting things up and doing it all very quickly, copy and paste style.

Watch This Digi Store Demo Video To See How Easy It Is

Pricing and OTO's

digi store builder sales funnel


FE – Digi Store Builder – $27.00

OTO #1 – Digi Store Builder PRO – $67

OTO #2 – Monthly Digital Products $27.00

OTO #3 – Website Hosting

Admin Area

Digi Store Builder Review

Digi Store Builder comes in a downloadable zip file which you upload to your server. If your not sure about uploading files to your web hosting account, your ISP will have probably have a tutorial for it or you can find the appropriate one YouTube that covers your hosting company. I've been online a long time and even to this day, I hate doing anything like this but it's real easy.

Once you've uploaded the zip file, you extract the files in the folder, refresh your browser and your site is now published. It really is that simple and shouldn't take you more than a couple of minutes.

The store itself is a well put together product and looks very professional and well set out. I'm not usually too keen on these store sites but i have to be honest here, i am really impressed with this one and would go as far as saying, i may use this myself.

So once Digi Store Builder is installed, there's plenty of options you have but the very first one you want to get out of the way is to get your PayPal email address in there so you can start taking instant payments.

The main setting s is where you add your PayPal email address. You also add all your contact details here and make changes to the amount of products you want to display. The default is set to 6.

Of the other sections in the dashboard, every aspect of the site is very easily accessible and editable. Adding and changing products is pretty simple..add a product image, add a description, add title of product, add the price you are selling it and finally add a download link for the buyer to access their purchase.

As i was doing this Digi Store Builder review i was constantly looking out for anything that could have been improved or was missing or any general fault and I honestly couldn't find anything.

Overall this is what it is, a fast installed digital store that sells digital products. All you have to do is either go with what products are already loaded or you can add your own and then send traffic to the site.

Digi Store Builder offers a nice little opportunity for anyone to have their own digital store without having the worry and hassles that come with other stores of this nature and if you are good at sending traffic, then I guess there is no reason why you can't make money with this.

As we are on the subject of traffic and the importance of getting traffic to your store, I have put together an awesome bonus package that is pretty much centered around traffic generation because i feel that is where buyers of this product will want to go next. You will find all the details of my bonuses below.

That's about it for this review so thanks for stopping by and good luck with your new site if you decide to invest.

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Bonus #1- 10 x Products You Can Sell Right Away – The store comes with a standard set of products already so in my first bonus, I am giving you an extra set of 10 products complete with sales pages, images, squeeze pages that you can add to your store and sell right away.

Bonus #2-  5 Traffic Sources To Boost Your Digi Store – In this bonus I'm going to give you access to 5 traffic sources that you probably haven't heard of and are relatively untapped. sssh!

Bonus #3-  4 Smart Ways To Promote Your Store On Instagram – Many people try to use IG for traffic but end up doing it the wrong way and failing..In this bonus I am giving you 4 smart ways to do it and succeed.

Bonus #4-  Easily Increase Your Traffic To Your Store – I'm not going to reveal too much here but this is a great way to increase your store traffic and it's not hard to do.

Bonus #5- How To Get IG Influencer's To Promote Your Store For FREE. In this video, you are going to learn how to harness the power of IG Influencers and get them to promote you for free. This is powerful traffic.

Bonus #6- All Vendor Bonuses- Most affiliates will be offering vendor bonuses. If you purchase DGB through my page today, i will be giving you access to all the vendor bonuses as well as my bonuses and additional bonuses too.

All Additional Bonuses Included

Bonus #01 – Facebook Training Masterclass
Bonus #02 – WordPress Delayed Widgets Plugin
Bonus #03 – 4 Premium Wallpaper Site WordPress themes.
Bonus #04 – Pinterest Marketing Guide
Bonus #05 – Reddit Marketing Guide
Bonus #06 – Instagram Marketing Guide
Bonus #07 – Shopify Marketing Guide
Bonus #08 – WP Left Behind Plugin
Bonus #09 – WP IM Marketing Graphics Plugin
Bonus #10 – WP Sales Robot Plugin
Bonus #11 – WP Checkout Maximizer Plugin
Bonus #12 – WP Feedback Pro Plugin
Bonus #13 – WP Review Me Plugin
Bonus #14 – WP Cash-O-Matic Plugin
Bonus #15 – WP Profit Page Creator Plugin
Bonus #16 – WP Reports Plugin
Bonus #17 – WP Bot Blocker Plugin

All my bonuses are instantly accessed upon completion of purchase and will be waiting for you in your JVzoo purchase history page. No waiting around for hours or sending emails to claim your bonuses.

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