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gram academy review

Gram Academy Review Introduction


If you have ever wondered how certain business types and celebrities amass huge instagram following? You might be surprised to know that they have entire teams dedicated to managing their social media accounts and there's a good reason for that. Growing social media accounts takes a huge amount of time and effort. Most people give up after gaining their first few huundred followers.

So how does someone like you grow their instagram following without spending hours following, liking, commenting on individual accounts? Introducing Gram Academy.



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Product Overview


Vendor: Thomas Witek
Product: Gram Academy
Launch Date: 2018-Mar-13
Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
Front-End Price: $39-49
Official Site:
Bonus Page: Exclusive Bonus Package
Niche: General


What Is Gram Academy


Whether you realize it or not we live in an era where attention is a commodity that is bought and sold. There is an entire underground economy happening on social media and if you're not a part of it you're stuck on the outside. With Gram Academy you're learning more than just how to master Instagram. You're finally getting a ticket to the inside track where the real money is made.

Gram Academy allows you to grow your instagram with active followers that like, comment and interact with you on a regular basis and provides both fulll training and the software to achieve these goals safely and effectively


About Creator


Thomas Witek is an internet marketer and software creator. Before he started creating his own products, he was a software engineer for Apple where he worked on the website. This gave him a unique perspective about tech and how things like social media can drive tons of traffic and sales.

After leaving Apple to persue his own dreams as an internet entrepreneur, he's since made over $300,000 online both affiliate marketing and product marketing. After all his success with CPA Marketing and other networks, he decided to shift his focus to Instagram. After noticing the success others were having on the ever growing platform and his experience as a software developer, he created his own unique system that has led to him sharing it with others.



Getting Started with the Gram Academy System – The first two modules cover what you need to know about Instagram. What type of account you should create, how to run more than one account, and how to save time by using the web version of Instagram for the tasks you don't want to be stuck doing through the app.

Where to Find the Best Content to Post – Most people think Instagram is about the present moment. Taking pictures of what's going on right now. But you can never get ahead if you're stuck in the past. You need to be forward thinking and take advantage of what's trending and what's hot. Gram Academy will teach you how to find viral content and rank for hashtags!

Hashtags that Bring You Floods of Traffic – One of the biggest mistakes I see new Instagram marketers doing is using broad hashtags that will never rank them in Top Posts. Maybe they're not aware of the floods of traffic you can get by ranking in Top Posts or on the Explore tab. Inside Gram Academy we drill down into exactly what type of hashtags you should use to get traffic so you're not stuck in the weeds like everyone doing SEO.

Secret Underground Engagement Groups – This is perhaps the biggest secret kept from the public when it comes to Instagram. Underground groups that will get you 800+ likes to your post during the first hour.

Gaining Highly Targeted Followers – Let's face it by now you know how powerful this system can be to grow your Instagram. This is where the rubber meets the road and you'll learn how it all comes together.



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    Who Should Benefit From Using It?


    Anyone who want to

    • Gain Active Followers that regularly Like, Comment and Engage with Your Content
    • Gain Access to the Private Toolbox of Chrome Browser Extensions for Instagram
    • Tap into the Instagram Undeground

    User Experience


    Results from using the Gram Academy training and software.

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    Pricing and Conclusion


    Gram Academy saves you from all the tedious aspects of growing your Instagram following. People are always looking for Software and Training that make their life easier and thanks to Gram Academy, your search is over.

    Front End: Gram Academy $49 – You will get instant access via Wishlist Member and JV Zoo or our private membership site and suite of 4 Chrome Extensions plus our Mac/Win Desktop Software.

    OTO1: Gram Poster Elite $49 yearly – Automation Tools (up to 5 accounts) including Auto Posting, Auto Follow / Unfollow, Auto Likes and Automated Commenting. (Yearly Plan – recurring commissions).

    OTO 2:  Boosted Likes $19 monthly – Monthly plan receive 1,000-1,500 daily post likes on auto-pilot.


    If you would like to start growing your existing or a new Instagram account, then click on the button below to start the process with the  Gram Academy training and software.

    Gram Academy Buy Now



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