How To Increase Affiliate Sales With Custom Bonuses

Are you still searching for that sure fire method to boost up your affiliate commissions? Affiliate marketing these days is very competitive and bonuses can be the difference between grabbing the sale or losing it..

When you think about it, it's not that difficult at all once you understand the basic concept behind giving something of value in return for people to part with their cash.

There is so much competition in affiliate marketing with many affiliates all competing for that elusive sale. Many people find themselves struggling to offer bonuses to keep up with the big guns because they create their own bonuses that compliment the product they are promoting so it makes sense that most people would be happy to buy from them.

So what is the solution? Robin Palmer's Custom Bonus License – more on this is a moment.

There's a lot of affiliates out there and you need to stand out from the rest of them. These affiliates get many visitors to their videos and websites all looking for the best bonus deal. You need to be ready to make them an offer they can't refuse or find anywhere else..and this is the real secret to increasing affiliate commissions with bonuses.

Offer more than just the product..

When I first started in affiliate marketing, it wasn't so easy to make sales. My bonuses were just a bunch of crap from PLR sites that had been pushed around for years. Luckily, times have changed and i am able to combine bonuses with my own custom bonuses and ones i have already done for me from Robin Palmer's Custom Bonus License.

What Is Robin Palmer's Custom Bonus License?

It's a new membership site from super affiliate and YouTube ranking expert Robin Palmer that allows you to access all his custom made bonuses from the past right up to the present day. If you don't know Robin, i'm sure you will have seen him at the top of YouTube search results for just about every product launch.

Not only is he giving you these bonuses but also access to his YT Supremacy training course which reveals the secrets to his success with YouTube videos and ranking domination.

How Does This Benefit You?

In a nutshell, Robin makes $7k per month just from affiliate marketing and this is all mainly down to his custom bonuses and value he offers through them an also his ranking efforts. By getting access to these bonuses, you have all the bonuses ready to go which you can use to fit perfectly for your affiliate campaigns. This is going to set you aside from other affiliates who are still offering crappy PLR products for bonuses.

What Makes These Bonuses So Effective?

Not every product has all the answer and their are missing pieces and a few things that could have been done better or improved upon. These bonuses fill those gaps, they complete the puzzle for the buyer, they enhance the learning process of the product and help the buyer to become more successful with their purchase.

Robin has done all the hard work for you. He has already found missing pieces already. Not only has you solved your bonus issue, he's also going to solve you YouTube ranking issue. Yes most affiliate struggle to rank against the big guns here too but Robin has you covered on this one too with access to his YT Supremacy course.

If you can't rank videos, you won't make sales. Now you have the tools to start increasing your affiliate sales by offering custom bonuses to fit the product you are promoting and ranking your videos. Who wouldn't want this?

Talking of bonuses, i have some custom bonuses of my own should you decide to invest in Robin Palmer's Bonus License Membership.

Bonus #1 – Tutorial: How To Use These Bonuses To Full Effect
Bonus #2 – How To Create Your Own Pro Graphics For These Bonuses
Bonus #3 – Your Own Personalized Bonus Header Graphic.

What Does It Cost?

The cost is very affordable and for $10 per month, you get access to ALL Robins custom bonuses from past launches right up to the present day and ALL future bonuses. These are all custom bonuses with no PLR rubbish in site which is going to provide insane value to your customers.

You also get access to his top selling YouTube ranking course, YT Supremacy which is a must for all affiliate marketers.

There is an upgrade ($47 p/m) which consists of exclusive access to Robins private Facebook group and also access to his ranking service. If you want to know how powerful this is then do a simple search on YouTube for the latest product launches and see him at the top for just about all of them..( highly recommend this one )


Robin Palmer is the latest of a long line of affiliates that have grown over the past 12 months proving that if you have the right tools in place and the right mindset, you can make a success of it.

With Robin Palmer's Custom Bonus License access, you have all the tools and training to start making real money as an affiliate by following someone who is willing to reveal their own strategies and secrets which is not done very often enough. Robin leaves no stone un-turned here and for those lucky enough to take advantage of this awesome offer, maybe, just maybe, you could be hitting the top of YouTube and making serious commissions.

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