How To Increase Your Affiliate Sales With YouTube Videos

I'm not altogether convinced that getting to the top of YouTube search results is going to increase sales. Why do i say this? Many people have complained that they have go to the top of YouTube search and not made sales. You would have thought the whole point of getting that #1 spot was to generate traffic and sales..but for's not to be.

In this article i'm going to go over a few things as to why this may be and how to increase affiliate sales with YouTube videos with some simple tweaks.

Top of YouTube But No Traffic

Just because you get to the top it doesn't always guarantee traffic. This is because many people target low search volume keywords which are very easy to rank for but no one is searching for them. There is no point targeting these keyword types just for the sake of saying you got a number #1 on YouTube.

Getting Traffic But No Sales

This is a very common problem and one that can easily be resolved. I see many people in affiliate marketing who rank videos but don't make sales. The competition is tough out there guys and if your sales pitch isn't on point, you won't snag the sale. That said, bonuses can also play a big part here and if those don't meet the viewers expectations, they will be gone in a shot to look for more value.

Top Of YouTube But No Sales

If you do affiliate marketing and use video, you need to cheek out what the competition are doing. There is a reason why these guys are where they are and you are failing to compete. They have a good ranking strategies in place, they present their videos the right way and they offer good value bonuses that compliment the product they promote.

Basically they have a 3 step plan in action that is so easy to implement..but only if you have the right tools and i'm going to reveal how you can not only present your YouTube videos, i'm going to reveal how you can bank with custom bonuses to make you more affiliate commissions and i am also going to reveal how you can rank your videos too. Once you have all these 3 steps in place, you can start making money and competing against the rest.

The Big Reveal – Robin Palmer's Bonus License Membership

For just $10 per month, Robin is going to teach you how to present your videos the right way so they get sales. He's also going to give you access to all his past and future custom bonuses which will help you give better value bonuses that customers love..and to top it off, he's going to show you how to rank your videos to the top of YouTube.

Why Should You Listen To Robin Palmer?

Don't take my word for it, do a YouTube search of any newly released products and you will see him ranking at the top of YouTube every time. Not only does he rank his videos without fail, he also makes regular affiliate commissions. He is now making $7k per month just from affiliate marketing which tells you that he practices what he preaches.

Now you have the opportunity to learn all Robins strategies and get access to all his custom bonuses that you can use to offer better value to your customers when they buy through your link. Remember, it's only 3 steps, video presentation, custom bonuses, ranking and Robin is giving you all 3 steps..

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