Invisible Review and Custom Bonuses

Hey guys welcome e to this Invisible Review. In this review i'm going to be talking about this new product from Jono Armstrong and Zeeshan Ahmed along with all the upsells and my custom bonuses. If you want the best invisible bonus package, then be sure to read the whole of this review to learn how to get instant access.

Invisible Review and Custom Bonuses

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What Is Invisible?

This is a brand new software and training which Zeehan has been using to crush leader boards as an affiliate while remaining, invisible..Kind of weird right? What it simply means is that Zeehan has been using this software and method to make $1000's in commissions without actually revealing himself. He's done all this without making any videos or using any pictures, he's not been on camera and he doesn't even speak English as a rule.

I can see how this would appeal to those that don't want to put their face on camera. That said, let's see how it all works..

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How Invi$ble Works

It works by finding an offer you can make commissions from and then using a software, locating solo add providers that can send direct traffic to these offers. The software covers solo ad providers in a variety of niches and gives you an instant display of the vendor name, the cost per click, a percentage of how many people have made money from the traffic and finally, the amount of votes from users. This gives the user an instant insight to the quality of the traffic from each particular vendor before purchasing.

The Training You Can Expect

The training consists of a variety of platforms for choosing offers which is pretty much expected. Apart form finding offers, you get training on setting up an autoresponder and creating a landing page which are both crucial steps in this training. This all forms the base of the main training for this product.

There are also other training videos which cover other areas of making money with this software and method which are all presented in fine detail. Zeeshan who does around 80% of the training really knows his stuff no gives it you you with no fluff.

Does Invi$ble Work?

In the opening introduction of the training, Zeeshan makes a very good point about this traffic source. People state many times that they don't get any results from this traffic. Just like FaceBook ads, many people don't get results for one reason or another but so many others do because it does work. If it didn't work then FB wouldn't offer it. This is pretty much the case with solo ad traffic. Many people are making $1000's per week, building huge lists from this traffic source because it works. Having the right sources is crucial and here you have a software that does all the source finding for you.

That said, it is all about testing, trial and error and from what i have seen inside this course and the results that Zeeshan has been getting, (he provides proof) this can be a nice little method to make some good commissions.

Pricing and Upgrades

Invi$ible FE ($12.95): is a brand new Software / Training product that will show you how to start quickly generating THOUSANDS of dollars per day online while remaining completely anonymous.. No video creation needed, no pictures of yourself, you can even use a different “Pen” name and you don't even need to be able to speak English to use this method. 80% of the FE training is done by Zeeshan Ahmed who (in case you hadn't noticed) is dominating leaderboards right now using this EXACT strategy. The included software allows you to scale your income very quickly and has been designed by Zeeshan himself.

Upgrade 1  – “Invi$ible Pro” $47 The FE of Invi$ible is limited to 20 searches per day using the software, in the pro version users get unlimited access & searches. We have also included a robust page builder and included the exact same templates that zeeshan is using to generate leads.
Upgrade 2 ($197) –Invi$ible “Double Your Money” Hack As part of the FE method, zeeshan purchases licence rights to products so he can maximize his earnings. Inside of this upsell we are giving users licence rights to 8 products (for the price of just 1). 
Having access to these licences means that you can double your money with 0 extra effort.
Upgrade 3 ($197) – “The Ultimate Traffic Package”. Over 7 Hours worth of video training on: Adwords, YouTube Ads, Facebook Ads & SEO.
ON TOP OF ALL THIS JUICY TRAINING…We're allowing buyers to place their pixels on our sales pages for 365 days to gather a HUGE Adwords or FB audience and take advantage of re-targeting to a lazer targeted audience while getting penny clicks.
Upgrade 4 ($167) –Licence Rights to sell “Invi$ible” as their own product. This product has taken months to develop / create and thousands of dollars have been spent creating all the sales material. Buyers of this upsell can enjoy 100% commissions on this awesome high converting funnel while we handle the selling and support.
Invisible Bonuses

My Custom Bonuses 

Ok guys so this bonus package is available for the first 50 buyers of Invi$ible through this page today. I have spent serious time and effort putting together the most congruent bonus package for you that i am sure you will agree, is the mos fitting bonus package for this product. There is no PLR crap in these bonuses, they are all custom made by me and are in over the shoulder video tutorials.

These bonuses will expire once the time reaches zero on my bonus page and i don't want you guys to miss out on these so please get in as early as possible because once they are gone, they are gone and there will be NO Excuses!

Bonus #1 – One Thing You MUST Do BEFORE Ordering ANY Solo Ad – I get lots of emails from people asking why their solo ads campaigns didn't work. Well guys, in this bonus i am going to give you the answer and solution to this question so that you DON'T make the same mistake.

Bonus #2 – How To Get Cheaper Traffic From Your Solo Ad Vendor – There are lots of cool solo vendors out there and all offer different rates for their traffic. In this bonus i am going to give you a secret over the shoulder hack revealing how you can get your solo ads traffic cheaper.

Bonus #3 – Use This Unknown Social Media Platform With 2 Million Users for Massive Free Traffic – 

Bonus #4 – How To Get Even Better Results With Your Email Marketing – So you have your traffic delivered, you have new subscribers to your list..don't do what most people do here and screw it all up. My bonus is going to teach you how to get the best results from your new subscribers and make money.

Bonus #5 – Free Traffic From YouTube Using This Untapped Method – As well as solo traffic, YouTube is a huge traffic source but i see many people approach YouTube with big traffic ideas but low results..why? because their approach is the wrong one. In this bonus i'm going to show you how to squeeze more traffic from YouTube using my neat little untapped method.

Bonus #6 – All Bonuses From The Vendor – Most affiliates will be offering these bonuses as there main bonuses. I don't want yout to miss out on these so i am including them too with my main bonus package.

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