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Welcome to this LetSpinio Review. You may have already noticed that LetSpinio is active on this website…looks pretty cool hey? I have encolosed a demo video on this page so you can get a full insight into this unique product. I will also leave a link to the sales page where you can purchase this product. I will also include a bonus package for those that purchase through this page, I have left a link the bottom of this page so you can check the bonuses on offer before you purchase..Ok, so let's get to the review.

What Is LetSpinio?

Basically, it's a web based app that allows you to create a wheel where the visitor is given a chance to win a variety of prizes set by you. To earn a spin of the wheel. all the visitor needs to do is enter their email address to claim their spin. Once they have entered their email address, the wheel spins to land on a the prize board. Depending on your settings will depend on the prize they win.

Does LetSpinio Work?

LetSpinio is designed to help build a list..it's main purpose is to entice visitors to give up their email address. The product in general is a fabtastic way of generating leads. The visitor does have a choice as to wether they want to participate..and here lies the problem..if they don't they don't but human nature compels people to get smething for free and the added entertainment and thrill that you add to your wheel makes it even more tempting for the visitor to give it a spin.

How Easy Is LetSpinio To Use?

To be honest, I did encounter a couple of problems, but that was mainly my own fault..one problem I did encounter was the activation on the website..there are 2 ways to do this..Once you have created your wheel and your campaign, you generate a piece of code for your campaign to insert into your websites header, this will connect everything up for you. The other way, is a simpel plugin that is provided which you upload to yyour website and activate, once activated, your LetSpinio campaign is automatically connected..this for me is the best option and the easiest and I would highly recommend the plugin option.

Apart from that, LetSpinio is very easy to use and very flexible. There are many options and my favorite is the creation of the wheel segment..This is what really makes this interesting because you can offer absolutely anything as a prize and the more valuable the prize, the more tempting visitors are liable to add their email address for a spin.

Watch The LetSpinio Demo Video

LetSpinio Features

  • Fully Customizable Theme
  • Intelligent Wheel
  • Fully Customizable Fortune Wheel
  • Autoresponder Integration
  • Live Campaign & Wheel Preview
  • Zapier Integration
  • Advanced Campaign management
  • Campaign Triggering
  • Shopify & Shopify Express Plugin
  • and much more!!

Pricing – See Website For Full Features

FE – LetSpinio Elite -$25

OTO1 – LetSpinio Platinum – $47+

OTO 2 – LetSpinio Jacker – $47+

OTO3 – LetSpinio Template Club – $77+

OTO4 – LetSpinio Agency – $297+

Note: the prices quoted above are a guideline and correct at the time of writing this review ( 11/02/2018).. they are subject to change so please be sure to check them out for changes…

Final Words on LetSpinio

This is a really nice product and a great way to build annyones list. It's easy to set up and customize and is real fun for your website visitors. I would highly recommend LetSpinio if you are looking to add that extra spice to your list building efforts. If you would like to get a copy of this, please clicki the link below to get instant access and also see more information on the full features that are available..Be sure to check out my bonus page too..and one last thing, if you liked this review or know someone who might like LetSpinio, why not share the love? Thanks for stopping by..

Link to official website: Learn More About LetSpinio Here

Bonus Link : Check Out My Bonus Page Here








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