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If you are struggling creating high quality backlinks for your website, then read my Links Robot review. In this review I will be talking about this new software that solves any backlink creation issues..Before I get into the review, I have left a link for a bonus package that you can claim if you purchase Links Robot throughthis website..If you want to skip this review and check out the sales page or bonus package, you can do so by following the link here: Link Robot Sales Page & Bonuses

What Is Links Robot?

Links Robot is a web based application that allows you to create high quality backlinks in just a couple of clicks. It allows you to create up to 500 high quality redirect links to any url.

Your Questions Answered

Q – What Is Links Robot?

A – LinksRobot creates 500+ redirect backlinks within 3 clicks for Unlimited number of websites, videos, and URLs.

Q – What Kind of Backlinks Can I build links for?

A – You can build links for websites, videos, blogs, articles, social profiles and more.

Q – What Are Redirect Links?

A – Redirect backlinks are links with a redirect to your target URL. These are 100% white-hat backlinks that 3rd party sites allow to be built using their domains unlike spamming.

Q – Do You Provide Reports?

A – YES! A complete report will be displayed right after the backlinks are built for your project.

Q – Is This A Safe Backlinking Strategy?

A – It is one of the only White-Hat link building strategies where the 3rd party sites allow the redirect links to be built. A 100% safe and secure backlinking strategy.

Q – Are These Links Permanent?

A – Yes, as long as the websites where the link building is done exist, the links built will remain active.

Q – Can I Download The Software?

A – No. It's a web-based tool with absolutely no downloadable software programs or extensions. Nothing to install, simply sign up and log in to your online account.

Q – Whats The Refund Policy?

A – Since the nature of our software is so that a lot of costs like captcha solving, proxies, signups is incurred to automatically process your campaigns, We Offer Full “No Questions Asked” Refunds Within 7 Days of purchase. It means that you'll only get refund if we received the request within 7 days of purchase, requests later than that will not be entertained.

Watch Me Build 500 Backlinks In 10 Seconds With List Robot


What I Liked About Links Robot

I liked the fact that its a very simple and fast software all round..The dashboard isn't over complicated, it's simple and easy to navigate and the whole back link process is child proof..Depending on your internet speed, you should be able to create 500 backlinks in seconds..

What I Didn't Like About Links Robot

I guess there's nothing too much to not like..I'm not too keen on the copy and paste thing..I found that a little niggly ( as you see in the video) apart from that, all's good..

How Much Does Links Robot Cost?

You can access Links Robot on 2 levels..Either on a monthly basis or a yraly basis ( recommended ). Monthly is $27.00, whereas you can get a full years access for only $67.00, ths is a no brainer option.

Are There Any Bonuses?

Yes..There are bonuses available from the sales page that come with your purchase and there is my bonus package which I have put together specifically for those that purchase through this will find the link at the bottom of this post.

Links Robot Conclusion

The software is easy to use and is a nice addition to anyones backlinking strategy..I'm not sure how powerful this is to be honest or how effective these backlinks are going to be..time will only tell on that matter. Having said that, if these backlinks turn out to generate some serious ranking power, them Links Robot is a serious piece of backlinking kit. I will give it a few days and come back with an update of my backlinking strategy employed using Links Robot, so be sure to bookmark this page..

How To Access Links Robot & Bonuses

You can either click straight through to the sales page and pick up the standard bonuses or you can click through to my bonus page and take advantage of having the best of both worlds with your purchase..

Click Here for Standard Bonus

Click Here for Additional Bonuses



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