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Hi and thanks for stopping by to get more information about Livereach. In this post I will be offering a Livereach review and also a demo of the software. If at anytime you want to skip this review and head over to the sales page, you can do so by clicking the link which will take you to the official LiveReach Website.

As Live Streaming has become mainstream and easier than ever for publishers to broadcast their content, there still remains the ongoing debate. A debate that has contributed to countless blog posts, forum threads, tweets, videos and more. One of the biggest question is “Should I focus my video content on Facebook or YouTube?”

Part of the reason that question was always being asked, was simple – there wasn’t an easy way to publish Live Broadcasts to both platforms simultaneously. Well that’s all changed now thanks to Livereach.

Between YouTube and Facebook, there is a combined 3.3+ billion user database and both platforms instantly push your content to the very top of your followers Newsfeed and Channel – drive free views, natural sharing/comments and viral traffic to your social media property.

LiveReach leverages the massive emphasis that both FB and YouTube place in their algorithms that ranks live content above everything else and helps spread your content to more people.

You can utilize that archive of video content you probably have sitting around collecting virtual dust and start broadcasting with Livereach and here’s why livestreaming is the future of video.


Facebook & YouTube Both Realize It, Which is Why They Give Massive Priority to LIVE CONTENT in their News Feed and Organic Ranking Algorithms. It’s time for your video content to jump to the front of the line – cutting through the noise of the loads of other content being published.




Live content also creates a snowball traffic effect, allow viewers to easily “Follow” your content, getting Email and Mobile notifications the second you “Go Live” in the future!



Live Video has proven to substantially increase engagement! Viewers of live video…




Watch The LiveReach Demo To See How It  Broadcasts a Pre-Recorded Video in Seconds!


How Does Livereach Work?

Step 1: Connect Your Accounts
Step 2: Upload Your Video and Post Details
Step 3: Go Live or Schedule Your Broadcast

What Types Of Content Can Be Posted?

You can post any type of video content with Livereach. Webinars, Live Events, Product Reviews, Screencasts, Interviews, Training Videos, Sales Videos, Training Videos, Software Demos, the list goes on with how many ways you can use LiveReach.

Your Questions Answered

Q – Does LiveReach work on both Mac and PC?

A .Yes!  LiveReach runs on the Adobe Air platform, so all you need to do is install Adobe Air (which is free), then install LiveReach.  Works great on both Mac and PC.

Q.What is the difference between the Professional and Outsource license options?

A.The only difference is the Outsource license will provide you with additional license keys that you can provide to your employees or virtual workers to install LiveReach on their machine.  The functionality of the app is exactly the same between each license option.

Q.Can I post to my Facebook profile, pages and groups?

A.Yes, as long as you are an administrator, you can post to your Facebook Profile, Pages and Groups.  However currently we do not offer the functionality to stream to multiple places at once.

Q.Does LiveReach need to be running for my videos to go live?

A.Yes, LiveReach does need to be running in the background, however the application utilizes minimal computer resources so it should not significantly impact your computers performance.

Q.Does LiveReach Comply with Facebook and YouTube TOS?

A.Absolutely!  LiveReach 100% complies with Facebook and YouTube terms of service.  Keep in mind that Facebook TOS requires you to state that the video has been “previously recorded” so we do require that in the video description.  Also Facebook does not allow “Simulcasting” which is why LiveReach allows you to schedule your YouTube Live video at a different time than your Facebook Live video.

Q.Do I have a limit on how many videos I can schedule?

A.No.  You can schedule as many videos as you would like.

Q.Is there a money back guarantee?

A.Yes, there is a 30-day 100% money back guarantee.  For whatever reason if you are not satisfied with LiveReach at any time during the first 30 days, you can contact and request a full refund.

Q.How can I contact customer support?

A.You can contact us by emailing or submitting a ticket at our help desk at


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