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Hey guys Dave Finn here and welcome to this review of Ministry of Freedom. For those that don't know, this is the flagship training course put together by Jono Armstrong, a successful 7 figure affiliate. Inside this review, I will be giving you my honest Ministry of Freedom Review. I will also be talking about the upsells and also my custom bonus package that you can't find anywhere else.




What Is Ministry Of Freedom

Ministry Of Freedom is a comprehensive Interenet Marketing training and mentorship program created by Jono Armstrong.

The training is structured around different modules ranging from organic strategies in building an online business right through to paid strategies and everything in between.

A unique aspect of this course is the mindset module which you don't often see in training programs of this sort, and is just one of many things that set this program apart from anything else in the market place right now.

Part of the focus of the program and training modules is around Launch Jacking which would have to be the most newbie friendly way to get started in affiliate marketing online, and the program shows you in complete detail everything you need to know in regards to finding products to promote, setting up campaigns, getting your promotions online, driving traffic to those promotion, and monetizing them. These modules cover everthing from promoting offers, right through to creating and launching your own products to market with no detail missed in this whole process.

The program then goes on to training around Paid Traffic strategies with video tutorials showing you how to set up your Adwords account, right through to creating ads, campaigns, sales funnels, targeting audiences, re-targeting, simply everything you need to know when using paid trafiic strategies in a complete over the shoulder video training format.

The program also offers training around website creation, hosting, email marketing, auto responder set and so much more.

Another thing that really sets Ministry Of Freedom apart from any other course in the market right now is the fact that it is a video training program, but unlike every other course out there, it doesn't stop there. Further to the training program is a support team in which you have full access to basically 24/7.

There is also a Facebook group exclusive to Ministry Of Freedom members where you get full support moving forward with your training and can interact directly with Jono, the support team, and a community of likeminded entreprenuers.

There are also Q&A webinars 3 times a week where you can connect live with Jono and his team and have any questions answered, here you can cover any issues you may have where they will deliver an actionable plan moving forward in order to achieve your goals. This coaching a mentorship really is second to none, and what makes this course and program the complete package and a stand alone in the market place.

How Does It Work

The training is presented in easy to follow video modules spread out over an 9 week period and covers every apsect of Jono Armstrongs online business which you can start implementing from day 1. Each of the modules are designed to help you build an online buisiness and develop and better yourself as a person and as an online marketer.

Benefits of Becoming A Member

Being a member of Ministry Of Freedom is pretty much like getting your own personal one on one coaching with Jono Armstrong. You are taken directly into the mind of Jono and how he operates his business on a daily basis. This is something that many people have tried to figure over the last couple of years and many of your questions in regards to this are answered inside this training.

How Does Ministry Of Freedom Work


All of the training has been set up specifically for you to follow step by step. One of the first major modules you will encounter is the Mindset, Commitment & Success. It's important in any online business that your head is in the right place and focused on what you are about to encounter on this journey.

You need to be fully focused, you need to be fully committed and you need to fully understand how and why everything works and accept the fact that you are here to overcome the variety of road blocks people encounter that stops them progressing further in their online business venture. Ministry Of Freedom will allow you to overcome fears in various areas, wether it be being on camera for the first time, creating a first review video, how to achieve specific things that other wise would hinder you from moving forward.

  • Guaranteed Affiliate Approval
  • Guaranteed Review Access
  • Bonuses To Use To Promote Your Videos
  • 100% Commissions On Any of Jono’s Future Launches
  • Use Jono’s High-Ticket Ads & Webinar
  • Use Jono’s 40K+ Youtube Audience
  • Access To The Private Facebook group

Ministry of Freedom Bonuses

Bonus #1 – Easy 1 Minute Hack To Sell More Affiliate Products Than Your Competitors
Bonus #2 – My 3 Step Formula For Selling Affiliate Products Like Hot Cakes
Bonus #3 – My Secret Backlink Source To Use To Help Rank Your Review Videos
Bonus #4 – My Simple Unknown Strategey To Easily Outrank Your Competition
Bonus #5 – My Easy Hack To Out Performing Other Affiliates
Bonus #6 – [EXCLUSIVE] How To Get Started Quicker With M.O.F – Personal 1 to 1 Skype Calls

Conclusion – Word Of Warning

Ministry of Freedom isn't some push button software or program. No one is going to do all the work for you. If you are thinking of getting into MOF with the intention of checking out the content and not taking action, don't waste your time. This is a serious business model and only those with the right mindset. Ministry Of Freedom really is the most comprehensive support, training and mentorship program in the industry right now. This course is definitely worth serious consideration for those looking to transition into the digital economy and create a successful business online.

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