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Piggyback Payday Review – Introduction


Instagram and Ecommerce are a very popular combination and if you are still not using them to boost sales, you are missing a great opportunity.

However, there are some unkown marketers who know how to take full advantage of this combination and are making big money from Instagram and Ecommerce. Many won't attempt because they think the competition is too difficult but I can assure you, that is not the case if you have the right knowledge. Doing Ecommerce through Instagram requires a certain set of skills to be sure on finding right products that sell and finding the right audience to make sales.

If you thouhg all this was complicated, well now you can forget the idea. I was thinking along the same lines until I started using Piggyback Payday. Today, I intend to introduce you this tool to share the information and experience I have and to show you how useful it is to giving you a solution.


Inside Pigyback Payday Members Area


Product Overview

Vendor: Tom E
Product: Piggyback Payday
Launch Date: 2018-Mar-26
Launch Time: 10:00 EDT
Front-End Price: $7-$27
Page: http://piggybackpayday.com
Niche: Software


What Is It?


Piggyback Payday is a brand new, groundbreaking software and method that marries Instagram with Shopify, enabling anyone, at any experience level to profit handsomely in the process. This is a method that has been PROVEN profitable, over and over, by tons of marketers…who all have done it manually up until now, which takes hours daily of painstaking work. With the Piggyback Payday software and training, the whole process is now automated, so that what used to take 8-10 hours just to make $100, now takes about an hour. Then rinse and repeat.

The software and method was tested for months, to the tune of an average $691 a week, and all it took was about 2 hours of actual work (not per day, 2 hours total!). Proof below on this page to back it up.


Pricing and Upsells


piggyback payday funnel

Front End  – Piggyback Payday is a brand new, unique software paired with a step by step training. With this software and training, anyone at any experience level can learn to duplicate our $691/week case study, simply by following in our footsteps.


OTO1  –  Piggyback Payday Pro – Twice the profits, twice as fast! We’ve created a ‘super charged’ version of the FE that your subscribers won’t be able to resist. Whereas the FE produces 20 results, the PRO version produces hundreds. It also has built-in contact-templates, so the user never has to use their browser; it all happens within the software. PRO also reminds you who you’ve already contacted, and keeps notes on each customer, so you’ll never contact someone twice by accident. All this literally amounts to twice the profits in half the time.


OTO2 – Piggyback Payday Gold Digger is another piece of Piggyback software that allows users to dramatically increase profits. The software finds the hottest selling products for this method, so that users can dramatically ramp up their profit margin.


OTO3   – 2 Weeks of live coaching and Q&A along with a lifetime mastermind group for support.


Pigyback Payday User Experience


Jay Just Working 1 Hour A Day (5 days only, he doesn't work on weekends)


user experience 1 proof

This Took Him Less Than 30 Minutes To Make:


user experience 2 proof


Some Features and Benefits You May be Interested in Getting


  • No actual work – you make other people do all the work for you
  • New, UNIQUE software and training
  • 100% newbie friendly, yet equally powerful for advanced marketers
  • PROVEN profitable over and over
  • Works in any niche
  • Works RIGHT NOW
  • All the traffic is built in


Inside Piggyback Payday


When you purchase Piggyback Payday you also gain exclusive access to our training and membership site, where you are taken step by step through the process. From the video tutorials on how to use the software to the detailed over-the-shoulder walkthroughs, you will be crystal clear, and ready to go make money TODAY after completing our training.

  • How to use the software. Detailed training, covers everything.
  • How to make money with it. Watch over Jay’s shoulder as he shows you every single step you need to take to make money, starting today.
  • Full training on both the site the software
    uses (Instagram) and the site you make
    your money on (Shopify).
  • Cheerful and always helpful customer service. Have a problem? Need some help? Not a problem, we are just a help-ticket away.


Conclusion and Evaluation


Piggyback Payday offers a very affordable method of making money each and every day with Instagram and Ecommerce. The full training provided gives you an exceptional opportunity to join other unknown marketers that are making it big with the Puggbak Payday method. As you may agree, the starting price of $7 is but a small price to pay when you consider the potential returns that this method has to offer.

Get instant access to Piggyback Payday today by clicking on the button below..Thank you and wishing you all the success for the future.


Visit Official Piggyback Payday Website

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