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PointRank 2.0 – How to Rank Youtube Videos Fast



It's no secret that videos do get the highest quality traffic online. The best way to get targeted traffic from videos of course is to get them ranked on YouTube. In my opinion, one of the fastest ways to rank videos on YouTube is with Live Event videos or as they are also known, live stream videos. These can rank very fast and both Google and YouTube love them.

Yes this all sounds easy and in theory it is to a certain extent but doing live streams everyday is a pain. Finding new ideas, new content each day can be lot of work for some people and not to mention the fear of being on camera.

If you can resinate with all this then i have the perfect solution for you. It's called PointRank 2.0. What this does is it fully automates the whole process. PointRank is an all in one software that will create a video, rank it and make your video rankings stick long term.

In a nutshell here's how PointRank 2.0 works

It leverages Million dollar videos, the SEO titles, descriptions and tags that MILLION dollar videos use to RANK! In a few seconds, it will take EXACTLY what makes those big super ranking videos that make as much as millions per months, reverse engineer the SEO elements that make it rank, and Grab it for your own video.

It will generate a video of your own in 1 second, to rank in any niche. YouTube + Google love unique videos but creating a fancy video is not always easy. PointRank 2.0 creates a super simple video that gets the job done, which is exactly what you need.

It will Rrank your video using an automated live event submission without actually going live and do it to multiple videos at once. This is the ENGINE that drives your traffic in the first place, and pushes everything upwards quickly. Live events are popular AND both Youtube and Google promote live videos over standard videos which will give you much higher rankings.

Your videos will enjoy long term rankings with Sticky Technology that ranks the video again and again by going live again and again in a proven manner. This is by far the part you’ve been looking for because it kills two birds with one stone and gives you amazing automation, and this is the feature no one else has.

So now that your video is live and gets rankings, it’s only a matter of time until it falls back down, and if it’s not persistent enough, you won’t rank for hard keywords as well. This is why PointRank 2.0 will keep bumping your live video on page #1, and so you always get long term rankings.


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