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Welcome to my website. Below you will find my honest Profit Ascension Review and mega bonus package details.

Samuel Cheema and Edwin Mik are all set to go on releasing their new Profit Ascension launch on October 31st at 10am EDT. They have set the price for around $13 which for me is a real steal.

The guys behind this product are well known marketers in their own right who I often see ranking videos and review pages in Google and YouTube. It's their ranking power that attracted me to take a look at it through my Profit Ascension Review because I know they are the real deal and they must be doing something right.

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Profit-Ascension Review

Profit Ascension Pricing + Funnel

FE: Profit Ascension ($10-$13)

Profit Ascension is a A-Z course to online profits for ANY internet marketer. We show an ENTIRE blueprint for making $150+ per day. This “3 Step Affiliate Marketing” marketing system teaches your customers everything they need from the basics to advanced strategies, in order to make around $150 every single day. Best of all we show this all in a step-by-step video style.

OTO1: Done For You Pack + Case Studies ($27)

OTO1 is a mega DFY pack of proven Profit Ascension campaigns that we have already tested, and profited from. Your customers will get these campaigns all done-for-them, and all they have to do is simply plug-them in and fire up their campaigns.

In addition, your customers will also get FULL case studies of our exact campaigns, where we share EVERYTHING we did to set those campaigns up. All of this stuff at a steal of a price.

OTO2: Faster Results Upgrade ($37)

This upgrade puts the Profit Ascension training on steroids! More advanced training and tactics are revealed here by Edwin to get your customers even faster, and better results

OTO3: Limitless Traffic for 365 Days ($197)

OTO 3 is a very special offer, in which your customers get traffic Done For Them for 365 days. This is no joke guys, we are talking about LASER targeted, super active traffic that completely solves your customers' traffic problems.

OTO4: Reseller’s License ($97)

here your customers can make 100% by promoting Profit Ascension. Full License rights to the Profit Ascension funnel. *NOTE the licences activate AFTER the 4-day launch period (to make it fair for affiliates).

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Profit Ascension Members Area

Profit Ascension Review

Ok guys so now it's time to tell you what i thought about this course.

Upon going through each section of the members area, I couldn't help notice how well put together the members area was. It's nice , clean and well labelled which makes it easy to navigate. Obviously the training videos are very high quality and offer much detailed information.

The more i got into Profit Ascension videos, the more knowledge i gained and picked up some cool little snippets that will certainly benefit me in the future of my business. Having said that, I did come across some cool stuff that i was really impressed with and i came across a couple of things that i thought should have been included just to top the whole course off.

Let me just mention a few things that i did like before going into what i didn't like.

As mentioned, the quality of the videos is second to none and offer detailed step by step, easy to follow blueprint of the course. The videos are short and sweet and get to the point with no pointless rambling on. This is great for those that are not familiar with affiliate networks, bing ads, Facebook ads and all the good stuff that these guys teach. They really have made it easy to learn for everyone.

As i mentioned earlier, there were a couple of things that i thought could have been added and lucky for you guys, i have bonuses that have you covered here.

I didn't like the fact that there were no emails provided as a starting point for those that have no idea about writing effective emails. They training does include a section on email marketing and re-targeting but i feel that at least a few emails to get people started would have been a great help in this section of the training.

Another thing I discovered whilst researching my Profit Ascension review was the bonus page section. The guys talk all about creating bonuses to offer on landing pages for the retargeted traffic but don't provide any starting bonuses. Again, a minor flaw for me because I kow many people don't have a whole heap of bonuses to hand and even struggle to find the right bonuses for their bonus pages. If a few bonuses were offered to help those get started here in this section, I would have given this whole course a 9/10.

I have taken into consideration these shortfalls and created a mega bonus package to cover everything that i feel should have been included. The bonuses that I am providing you guys will certainly help you out in a big way to making your use of this training and more enjoyable and profitable one.

I have been doing some digging arpound guys to see what other affiliates are offering as bonuses and i think i've done pretty good in giving you a bonus package that is not only congruent to Profit Ascension but also the best package available anywhere online.

I know, that's a bold statement but I believe it to be true and if you get Profit Ascension through my link you will find out just how valueable to your purchase these bonuses are. Don't forget, I am also giving you all the vendor bonuses too so you are getting double the value. I have no doubt that you will have a huge advantage over other people using this course as many other people will not have the pleasure of my bonus package.

Profit Ascension Mega Bonus Package (ONLY 35 11 Available)

Bonus #1 – Guaranteed Link Approval – My first bonus is going to be a huge help for you guys. Getting links approved to promote stuff can be a real ball ache for many, especially if you have no history or you are new. It doesn't have to be this way. You are going to learn the easy and efective way to increase your links getting approved so you can start promoting more products.

Bonus #2 – Writing Killer Headlines – My 2nd bonus is going to teach you how to write more effective headlines for your ads. The headline is the most important element to increasing traffic and conversions. With this bonus, you get to do both much more easly and effectively.

Bonus #3 – Over 1500+ High Converting Swipe Emails – When it comes to re targeting traffic, you need to have an effective plan to get customers back to your offer. My 3rd bonus gives you the ammunition to re-target your Facebook traffic more effectively and get you better results.

Bonus #4 – 25+ HQ Lead Magnets – This bonus provides you with over 25+ High quality products for you to use on your bonus pages to create a greater incentive to your customers.

Bonus #5 – I am throwing in all the vendor bonuses for you guys. I know many other affiliates will be offering these bonuses. So to save you the time shopping around, I am giving you access to ALL the vendor bonuses too which i have listed below. 

Vendor Bonuses Details

Vendor Bonus #110k A Month Online – Over the shoulkder training to making 10k per month sending emails

Vendor Bonus #2CPA Income Crusher – Powerful method to generating multiple streams of $55 -$100 Paydays 24/7

Vendor Bonus #3 Bing Ads Mastery – Exploit top marketers secrets and tricks to huge traffic with Bing Ads.

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