Ranking Rockstar Renegade Review

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Ranking Rockstar Renegade Review
Ranking Rockstar Renegade Review




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Introduction – Ranking Rockstar Renegade 

Hey guys and thanks for joining me on this Ranking Rockstar Renegade Review. In this review I am going to take you through this new product that is going to teach you how you can make money or even your first sale online using the power of Launch Jacking.

If you don't know what launch jacking is, let me explain. It's a period of time where you can take advantage of the latest buzz for new product releases. This period is between the announcement of the product launch up until the day of the launch.  Affiliates mail out to their lists to alert potential buyers that a product is being released and then buzz traffic is driven to either a review video or review post that is perfectly timed for the launch date of the product. The idea is to prepare well in advance with the intention of getting your promotional videos or reviews ranked at the top of Google and YouTube at the heart of the buzz to generate traffic and sales.

In this review I am going to reveal to you one particluar system developed by an affiliate who has perefcted the art of launch jacking and is going to allow you to follow the steps to creating your own successful campaign to snatch the booty right out of the hands of other affiliates using a carefully executed launch campaign. So this review details how Ranking Rockstart Renegade is going to help you achieve making money online or even getting your first sale online.


Product Details:

Vendor: Sherisse Rogers
Product:Ranking Rockstar Renegade
Launch Date: 2018-Aug-27
Launch Time: 12:00 EDT
Front-End Price: $27-$47


Who Is Sherisse Rogers?

Sherisse is a LEGIT ROCKSTAR who holds the resident seat as the bassist on the hit Broadway Show, “Summer: the Donna Summers Musical ” – living the musician's dream in NYC! In the past 10 years she's worked and gone on tour with several of the #1 shows on Broadway. Her story is AMAZING… On how she got to where she's at – Succeeding in a very tough “industry” – working hard and not taking “no” for an answer…

But, in show biz… when ticket sales slow down, and things aren't selling as hot – the promoters and directors jump onto the next show… Which for the musician's (and actors) – puts them back at square one, waiting on the phone call for the next gig…

So Sherisse wanted to change that and find a dependable income source on top of her passion (being a rockstar) and she discovered SEO and how to rank videos promoting products and businesses… JUST LIKE her “Rockstar Story” Sherisse had to OVERCOME DEFEAT getting to where she had “success” working her SEO and ranking strategies…

…and fast forward to this last February, Sherisse placed in the Top 10 of our widely successful software launch… and she did it WITHOUT a LIST, a lone wolf… Well, like – a “renegade.”


Who Is Ranking Rockstar Renegade For?

To be perfectly honest, absolutely anyone can use ths training and benefit from it. It isn't confined to any one single experience level. This means that it doesn't matter if you are completely new to affiliate marketing or highly experienced, everyone who follows this training and implements it can make money with this.

Check Out My Full Review Video


What You Are Going To Discover

How to find the most profitable products to promote
How to easily get approved for instant commissions
How to create a review video that converts everytime
How to create conversion boosting bonuses commissions for FREE!
How to spy on your competition and outrank them on YouTube
How to craft YouTube descriptions that will keep you out of trouble
How to instantly get quality backlinks for free
The easy on page blog SEO strategy
How to layout your review post to maximize commissions
How to spy on your competitions backlinks and reverse engineer to outrank them


Who Should Get It?

A tricky question in a way but to be perfectly honest, absolutely anyone can implement this training. If you want to make money, it's for you. If you want to learn seo, it's for you.If you want to improve rankings, it's for you. The whole training covers many apsects that can be broken down and used in a variety of ways but the main purpose here is to help anyone build a little business model that can be scaled to huge proportions over time and make real money.

Too many people approach online with the intention of setting their goals too high. I see people wanting to make $10,000 per month right off the bat. Yes, this is possible but not as easy as it sounds. I would rather set a goal of $10, $20 per day to start which is much more realistic that cgasing a forever dream of $10,000 per month and being left disappointed. Sherisse offers to teach how she makes $300 per day and this is a very nice income and achievable so if you can relate to a more realistic income target, then ranking rockstar renegade can certainly help you achieve that.


ranking rockstar renegade review
ranking rockstar renegade review


Pricing + Upsells

FE – Full Training + Resouces

Access to full video training and all resources.

OTO 1 – Niche Renegade – 

Customer gets access to NEW SEO niche ranking course that Sherisse uses to scale her traffic for any niche.. she's been mentored by the best SEO experts in the game, and now she's spilling the beans in this exclusive over-the-shoulder training course!

OTO 2 – 1-on-1 Skype Access

Customer gets private access to Sherisse via Skype to grill her and get hand-held guidance to build a successful launch jacking campaign.. just like she does over and over again!

OTO 3 – Rockstar VIP Group

Customer gets access to Sherisse's private FaceBook group where she hangs out and answers questions and holds hands all day long.. she is truly genuine in helping others succeed, and that's why YOUR subscribers will fall in LOVE with her launch jacking expertise, mingling with other launch jackers in the group, and learning from a woman who focuses solely on ranking sites.. heck, YOU will probably want access to this exclusive group!


My User Experience

Ok so last week I got very early access to this training and decided to put it into action. I did do things in a kind of a rush because I am so busy but I mannaged to get just about everything implemented. I ran a campaign and followed the steps in the training plus added a couple of extra touches. I timed the campaign for the exact date of the product launch. ($7 product)

Once the product launched I started to see some sales.It started with $20 a day, then rose to $56 per day and eventually, over the course of 4 days, I managed to make just over $247.00 which wasn't a bad return on the effort that I put in. ( see my video above for earnings ) Ok so this wasn't $300 per day but the fact here is, this does work and with full implementaion, I could have probably reached that target..but the thing is, the promotion was only a $7 product, so considering such a low ticket product, the return was pretty cool. If that had been a higher ticket offer, I would have easily reached the $300 per day mark and that my friends is very encouraging.


Ranking Rockstar Renegade Final Conclusion

I would highly recommend to anyone to buy this course if they want a solid plan to making money online. I am not going to beat about the bush here, I know this works, I use this approach myself and I know some big marketers that use this method too..and one of those is making $10,000 per day.

All that anyone has to do is take action. Sherisse is giving you the perfect opportunity to follow her steps that makes her $300 every day and there is no reason why you can't do the same. All you have to do is click the button below to make it happen for you..Are you ready to take action? Want to see yourslef at the top of YouTube competing with Sherisse and me and other affiliates? Then click on the button below to get the earliest price and let's get it on 🙂

Get Ranking Rockstar Renegade
Get Ranking Rockstar Renegade
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