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Social Traffic Bot Review – Where To Buy Social Traffic Bot

Hello and welcome to my Social Traffic Bot Review. This is a new way to drive social traffic from the 3 biggest platforms, Instagram, Pinterest and of course Facebook. No only is this allowing you to drive traffic, it also enables you to build a following from these powerful social sites that are used by millions of a daily basis.

This is handy piece of software that runs on complete autopilot to build you a huge following and insane free traffic too. Watch the video below to get a look inside and see just how easy it is to get traffic.

>>Click Here To Buy Social Traffic Bot+Your Mega Bonus Package<<

(Only 49 Available – 12 left)


(Only 49 Available – 12 left)

>>Click Here To Buy Social Traffic Bot+Your Mega Bonus Package<<

Main Product – 3 in 1 Software $24-$29

OTO #1Traffic Robot Pro – 10x More Power, Twitter + Reddit Integration, Automated CONTENT For Your Site And Traffic from UNLIMITED Campaigns

OTO #2Developers / Agency License – Handle ANY clients social marketing + traffic generation needs with NO WORK for a monthly fee

OTO #3PayMember – Make 10X more income from your site

OTO #4Reseller License – Sell the software and keep 100% of the sales

Let Me Summarize 

Run a fully automated Facebook fan page for your site with ultra relevant viral content posted every day for you.

Run a fully automated Instagram feed for your site with ultra relevant viral content posted every day for you.

Run a fully automated Pinterest board for your site with ultra relevant viral content posted every day for you.


Grow REAL social followers on top 3 networks.

Your profiles will PROMOTE each other resulting in a “viral spiral” of traffic

All your WordPress posts are AUTOMATICALLY promoted to your social profiles as soon as you create them

Run multiple campaigns in parallel.

No need to create your own content.

Auto-post interesting videos and news articles every day

Fully Automated app, just set it and forget it. Get REAL social followers and traffic to ALL your posts every single day on 100% AUTOPILOT.

How it works

STEP- 1 – Add a Campaign – Simply create a new campaign and hook it up to your social networks. Unlike some other software there is no difficult setup and you DON’T need to create a Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest app!

STEP- 2 – Choose some sources to get your content from and let the software post it and share it for you AUTOMATICALLY . You can get content Blogs, YouTube, RSS Feeds, Basically anywhere you want! (fresh relevant content is posted to your profiles every single day)

STEP- 3 – Setup your “viral spiral” promotions and turn on your campaign to let the software go to work…Social traffic Bot is INTELLIGENT. It automatically grows your social profiles and has them promote EACH OTHER. Once you turn the campaign on it does everything for you on 100% autopilot, growing your profiles and getting you traffic to your site every single day!

This is a great tool to have but i feel it could have been a little more. For that reason, I have put together a very cool mega bonus package below and some of the bonuses are about getting more followers on these platforms so I’m basically giving you the vital other piece of knowledge and training which you should have really got from the product creator. These make it a perfect bonus to go along with Social Traffic Bot.

My full mega bonus package is laid out below.

(Only 49 Available – 12 left)

>>Click Here To Buy Social Traffic Bot+Your Mega Bonus Package<<

mega bonus bundle

(Only 49 Available – 12 left)

>>Click Here To Buy Social Traffic Bot+Your Mega Bonus Package<<

Your MEGA BONUS Package

This is a unique and highly congruent bonus package that i have put together for the first 49 people that decide they want access to “Social Traffic Bot” to help them drive traffic and build a huge social media following. As these are highly exclusive bonuses, I want to keep these specifically for people who purchase through my blog today. Check them out below.

Bonus #1 – How To Increase Your Followers On Pinterest Fast ( Video Tutorial )

Bonus #2 – 4 Different Ways to Get 1000's of Instagram Followers Without Following Anyone ( Video Tutorial )

Bonus #3 – Sneaky Technique To Get 5000 Likes On Facebook Page Free In 60 Seconds ( Video Tutorial )

Bonus #4 – How To Create Facebook Fanpages That Go Viral For Free Facebook Traffic ( Video Tutorial )

Bonus #5 – 3 Ways To Create Content That Generates A Ton Of Social Shares And Goes Viral ( Video Tutorial )

Bonus #6 – All The Vendor Bonuses ( Other affiliates will be offering these bonuses ( listed below ) as their bonuses. So that you don't miss out, I am giving you access to these bonuses to go with the bonuses mentioned above. )

Bonus # 7 – FB Live Marketing
Bonus # 8 – FB Remarket 2 Made Easy
Bonus # 9 – Facebook Fanpage Tips
Bonus # 10 – Facebook Ads Domination
Bonus # 11 – Live Marketing
Bonus # 12 – Video Ads Made Easy
Bonus # 13  – Authority Traffic
Bonus # 14 – Video Marketing Made Easy
Bonus # 15 – YouTube Ads Made Easy
Bonus # 16 – Modern Video Marketing
Bonus # 17 – YouTube Celebrity
Bonus # 18 – YouTube Video Mastery

Now i know there may only be a handful of bonuses here in this package but i wanted to give you the most relevant bonus package to go with your purchase. I know other affiliates will be offering you a whole list of bonuses on their pages and videos so i say to you, please feel free to check around what others are offering you for bonuses because once you realize that my bonuses offer the best value for this product, you can always come back to claim your mega bonus spot right here.

As i said, i want to keep these bonuses to a minimum and for serious action takers. Be sure you don't miss out an be among the lucky 49 people who will claim their mega bonus packages. Once they have all gone, that is it, no more. I don't want emails requesting I put the bonus package up again because the answer will be simply no.

Final Thoughts: This is great way to build a huge following on social media. Not only does this software do all the hard work, you can sit back and let it run on complete autopilot posting away and generating activity, followers and traffic in a most satisfying way. 

These 49 mega bonus packages WILL GO QUICK so get in as early as possible because I don't want you to miss out on them.

If you want to know where to buy social traffic bot, you can do that by clicking on the link below. That will take you through to the sales page where you can make your purchase and claim bonuses. One it's confirmed, you will have instant access to all the bonuses by sending your purchase receipt to (, subject of email: “Social Traffic Bot Bonuses) and i will send them almost immediately.

Any questions, please don't hesitate to hit me up..

Claim Your MEGA BONUS Package

(Only 49 Available – 12 left)

>>Click Here To Buy Social Traffic Bot+Your Mega Bonus Package<<

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