StoryMate Review and Mega Bonus Bundle

StoryMate Review and Your Mega Bonus Package

Hey guys Dave here and thanks for your interest in my StoryMate Review. In today's review i will be discussing this new app from Luke Mcguire that allows anyone to create professional, beautiful, high converting video stories on Instagram and Facebook to drive engaged targeted traffic to your website or offer.

Instagram and Facebook are huge traffic sources as you will already know and between them, they are continuously updating their features to accommodate the users into creating more engaging content and offer the user more opportunities to attract the right content viewer. With video playing a major role in everyday visual content and engagement, StoryMate takes full advantage of these new features to make it easier for you to create the right content that drives traffic to anywhere you want.

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( 50 Bonus Packages Available – Only 26 Left )

Click Here Start Creating Traffic Sucking Stories + Your Mega Bonus Bundle


Storymate is next in a long line of hugely successful and sought-after products from Luke Maguire. Known for his Aussie Accent, extreme sales videos, and #1 selling social media softwares of all time that have allowed not only him, but many of his students to create multiple 6 & 7 figure incomes. Luke’s track record and history of quality products are a solid reason to check out THIS product

Need an even better reason?

Storymate is totally relevant in today’s world of social media!

  • More than 500 million people use Instagram daily
  • 80% of those are outside the U.S.
  • More than 2.27 Billion people use Facebook worldwide
  • 1.49 Billion of those Facebook users log on daily
  • 300 million of Instagram users look at stories daily
  • 10% of Facebook users look at stories daily

So, if THAT many people are looking at Stories, you want to stand out, right? Storymate helps you do just that!

What Use Storymate?

Storymate is a tool that allows users to create extremely viral, professional-looking stories & post them within minutes. The Best part is that Storymate takes away the big 5 problems users face which are:

  1. Wasting hours trying to create content
  2. Figure out how to get traffic to your offer again
  3. Pay $100-400+ per post to be video edited from scratch
  4. Wait days or even weeks to get your video content back & potentially hate it
  5. Need to figure out how to get your content from your computer to your story.

and it’s super EASY to use!

mega bonus bundle

( 50 Bonus Packages Available – Only 26 Left )

Click Here Start Creating Traffic Sucking Stories + Your Mega Bonus Bundle

Your MEGA BONUS Bundle

For this promotion, I have created an awesome bonus package for you guys and only those that get StoryMate through my blog will qualify for one of them. Due to the nature of these bonuses, i am only letting the first 50 people claim their spot.These bonuses will not last long and will go in the first few hours so i advise to claim your spot as soon as possible.

These aren't just some crappy PLR bonuses that I have put together, they are custom bonuses and won't be offered by other affiliates. I have spent time putting them together to give you the very best deal with this promotion and to be as valuable and helpful with your purchase of StoryMate. I know other affiliates will be offering you some PLR package or other crappy bonuses or even the vendor bonuses ans so that you don't miss out on those bonuses, I am including the vendor bonuses that other affiliates will be offering you because I value my readers and I want to give them the best value.

Please feel free to shop around and see what others are offering for bonuses. You can always come back here once you realize that my bonuses offer you additional value and information that will enhance your use of StoryMate.

Bonus -1- The Best Instagram Influencer Training + Traffic Course I Use

Bonus -2- How To Find The Right Instagram Influencers That Will Boost Your Sales and Traffic

Bonus -3- The 3 Fastest Ways I Use To Convert Instagram Followers Into Sales While I Sleep

Bonus -4- How You Can Make Money In 2019 On Instagram Even If You Have Little Followers

Bonus -5- Get More Instagram Followers Fast In 2019 Using This Really Cool Strategy That Works

Bonus -6- Vendor Bonuses (Listed Below)

(VB) Fast action bonus 1 – FB INVITE ALL PLUGIN

Running FB ads? Did you know if they LIKE your ad they may not have liked your fan page? The Invite All Bonus exclusively for launch week allows you to 1 click invite EVERYONE to like your fan page, growing your audience instantly.

(VB )Fast action bonus 2 – FB FONT CHANGER Tool

You will also get the  Facebook Font Changer module 100% free when you pick up STORYMATE before the clock hits zero. This allows you to change your font on FB and really stand out of the crowd, stopping people in their feeds seeing your offer.

(VB) Fast action bonus 3 – AGENCY RIGHTS

Want to sell your rendered stories to local businesses, freelancers, social agencies or even create a gig on fiverr and keep 100% of the money?

(VB) Fast Action Bonus 4 – 4 week Social Profit Hour Webinar Access

Picking up Storymate now means you will be auto enrolled into the launch week story webinars where you are guided through EVERYTHING Instagram & FB Story wise.

(VB)Fast Action Bonus 5 – VIP FB group

Access to the Instamate Secret VIP Group where Luke and other top online marketers will be working together WITH you. Your success really depends on who you know and network with the circle you surround yourself in is key to fast tracking your success and holding you accountable to get the results.

In addition to these bonuses, I have also included all other vendor bonuses that the vendor has give me to give to you. These are not mentioned on my bonus page or on the sales page but may be offered by other affiliates.

( 50 Bonus Packages Available – Only 26 Left )

Click Here Start Creating Traffic Sucking Stories + Your Mega Bonus Bundle

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