Super Funnels Review

“Super Funnels” TRIPLE Your Traffic Sources Instantly

Hey guys Dave here again and today i am going to present my Super Funnels Review. If you don't know what super funnels are or know how they can benefit you, stick with me on the whole of this review to get all, the details of this new software and details of my exclusive custom bonuses which you can only get through this you don't mist out on these Super Funnel Bonuses, just bookmark the page and get access at any time..You can check them out below..

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super funnels review

What Is Super Funnels and Why Should You Listen?

Super Funnels kicks of on Nov 26th @ 11am EST and opens up the doors to showing you what other marketers do that allows them to make $1000's each month doing just 3 things differently to anyone else. They get more traffic, they generate more leads and they make more commissions.

The surprising thing here is that they are doing all this with one simple tool, an automated sales funnel. When a funnel is set up the right way, it drives traffic, generates new leads and makes commissions over and over on complete autopilot. A lot of people think there is some big secret or underground loophole going on with these big marketers but the truth is, there isn't. At the end of the day, all that matters is traffic, leads and sales and here is where Super Funnels is going to give you because having all these 3 things in place is absolutely critical.

What Make Super Funnels Different?

To start with, it generates 3 sources of traffic at the same time which gives you triple the power of most funnels and here's why. Most funnels concentrate on email leads so you have to create all the follow up emails and send messages to make sales which pretty much sucks. Email delivery and open rates have been dropping for years and anyone out there counting on just email is basically screwed.

Of course, Super Funnels does generate email leads but, also so 2 more powerful sources which can give you more than 3x the potential profits so you can see how this can benefit anyone here. I'll get to those in the super funnels demo video.

What's Included In Super Funnels?

Apart from accessing the software, it gives you customizable DFY funnels for any campaign, built in hosting so now monthly fee's there and instant monetization with a game changing triple attack. You are also covered with traffic to your funnels because that is the biggest problem. This zero cost traffic has been built into the members area and let the super funnel takeover and triple the traffic.

You don't have to set up any custom pages, pay for ads or any of that complicated stuff because this is real easy to set up and do.

How Super Funnels Works

STEP ONE – Login to the cloud-based software

STEP TWO – Customize the 2 included pages with your details – full instructions included

STEP THREE – Use our INCLUDED free traffic strategies to ‘Fuel’ your Super Funnel, then sit back & enjoy the results!

  • Start with the free included traffic sources to get up & running fast
  • Scale with the included MAXIMUM ROI premium traffic tips to take your income to the next level
  • Leverage any combination of Social Media, Google & Solo Ads – COMPLETE STEP BY STEP TRAINING INSIDE – to maximize conversions & profits

Super Funnels Pricing + Upgrades

Super Funnels ($19.97) – A “Complete System” that creates “Super Funnels” that triple your traffic sources instantly. Instead of relying on email, get 2 more traffic sources at your disposal.

Upgrade 1 ($67) – The “MAX COMMISSIONS” of the software includes “Done For You” recurring campaigns activated on your Super Funnels.

Upgrade 2 ($197) – “DONE FOR YOU” comes with “Done For You” funnels, templates and done for you emails to fully complete all of the hard work for your users.

Upgrade 3 ($197) – “Limitless Traffic” puts your pixel on our sales pages to siphon traffic from our high traffic pages. This is a great upgrade for those that want more traffic.

Upgrade 4 ($197) – “Complete $1k System that has everything included to land high ticket sales.

Upgrade 5 ($97) – Licence Rights to sell “SUPER FUNNELS” as your own product

Super Funnels Bonuses

Super Funnel Bonuses

These bonuses have been carefully created to help you get the best out of using Super Funnels. There is no PLR crap here guys. My bonus package is all video tutorials that are going to help you get the very best out of super funnels. That said, the bonus package is limited because i don't want time wasters who just buy everything and don't do anything with the product.

Taking action is the only way to make any money and be successful online and if you are an action taker, secure your bonus package before they timer expires on my bonus page because only action takers will have secured their spot before they go.

I have spent a long time putting these bonus together so i don't want to see them wasted on Tyre kickers. With that in mind, only 50 packages will be available so be sure to secure your spot early.

Bonus #1 – How I would Use Super Funnels For Best Results – Many people will try to use Super Funnels right off the bat without any thought going into the process. This is a very powerful tool and if used correctly, can be very profitable. In this bonus I will show you how you can use Super Funnels in a way that will get you the best results.

Bonus #2 – Top Free Traffic Sources You Can Use With Super Funnels – Traffic is the name of the game here and Super Funnels offers you some traffic solutions. In this bonus i am going to take you by the hand an show you 3 free traffic sources you can use right now to drive additional traffic to your funnels.

Bonus #3 – My Top 30 DFY Bonuses You Can Use In Your Super Funnels Campaigns – Creating funnels is fun and one one fthe main focal points is getting the subscriber to optin to your list. Yes you can offer some crappy out dated PLR product that's been around for years or you can provide real value to your subscribers by giving them custom bonuses. You might not have the know how or time to create your own custom bonuses so i am giving you 30 of mine that you can use in your campaigns.

Bonus #4 – How To Squeeze Out More Profits When Using Super Funnels – Making money is what it's really all about and while some are happy to take what they can, there are others that would love that little. In this bonus i am going to show you exactly how to squeeze that little extra out to make more profits from your funnels.

Bonus #5 – How To Easily Build A Buyers List With Super Funnels – So you created your funnel, you made some sales, great..did you manage to get those all important buyers emails? Not to worry because in this bonus you can watch over my should as i take you through the steps to creating your buyers list.

Bonus #6 – Access My Top 6 Best Email Campaigns You Can Copy And Paste – There is no point having an email list if you don't know how to use it and get the best conversions. My bonus is going to gibe you my best 6 email campaigns that you can simply copy and paste to get the best conversion rates from your subscribers.

Bonus #7 – Get My Super Affiliate Advanced Tactics for 2019 – Creating Super Funnels is just the tip of the ice burg. With a good funnel set up and a good affiliate campaign in place, you have a license to print money. In this bonus i will take you by the hand through my advanced affiliate tactics to ensure you get the best results.

Bonus #8 – Access All The Vendor Bonuses Included – I have included all the bonuses from the vendor along with my own custom bonuses. Many affiliates offer you these bonuses as their bonuses. I don't want you to miss out one these so i have decided to include them with my bonus package.

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