Syndlab 2.0 Review + Bonus

Syndlab 2 is a powerful web-app that allows you to automatically syndicate your content across 30+ networks for FAST page 1 Rankings for both tyour videos and niche sites. It will also allows you to use this platform as a content distribution and management platform since you will be able to syndicate all of your content across all your networks at the push of a button.

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Since the release of the first Syndlab version Josh has released countless updates every single month to continue improving  the platform and over the last 10 months, Syndlab has processed well over 500,000 syndications for it's users and processors about 100k syndication each month. One of the BIGGEST updates made was deciding to totally revamp out the entire syndication engine. Having noticed how much syndications the system was processing and how much users were using the platform.

With this in mind, they decided to look ahead and ensure that the platform was bulletproof. So they made the decision to spend 3 months and build a TOTALLY NEW syndication engine to put SyndLab on steroids.

So Whats New In Syndlab 2.0?

That's what brings us to our 2.0 version. Syndlab is now NEW and improved with a powerful syndication engine that's unmatched on the marketplace to deliver you FASTER syndications of your content, FASTER rankings of your websites and videos, and ultimately faster results, more traffic and more profit!

Upgrade Details:

  • Completely revamped their syndication engine  to deliver FASTER syndications and FASTER results after processing over 500,000 syndications!
  • upped their syndication integrations from 21 sites to 30 sites!! (increased to 51 sites for OTO 1!!!)
  • added RSS feeds of your campaigns to allow for  even further syndication and indexing
  • added campaign cloning to make it faster and easier to get even MORE content syndicated
  • added Facebook Photo AND video syndication
  • integrated with the #1 photo sharing site, Instagram.
  • added the ability to export campaign reports in just ONE click!
  • and much much more!

They have literally a list of about 25 upgrades they have made for 2.0 although cards have been played close to the chest and only a handful have been released so far.

So What Does This Mean For You?

  • Quickly and easily syndicate their videos and/or niche sites across all their networks
  • Be able to get FAST page 1 rankings through the power of social syndication backlinks
  • Be able to have their blog posts go viral by syndicating their content on all social platforms
  • Be able to post instantly or schedule posts for the future
  • And much much more!! (can’t reveal it all just yet)

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Should You Buy Syndlab 2.0?

Being a user myself with all the uprades and have found some very effective ways using it. I have used many other content distribution softwares in the past and what sets Syndlab 2 apart from others is the flexibility, the ease of use, the sites that the content is syndicated too and the results. Gone are the days when you can just blast content out to any old unrelated site to get backlinks, at least with Syndlab 2 you can control the type of websites you post to and even import expired sites with high PA and ramking factors.


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