TrafficZion Review

TrafficZion Review – New Traffic Software Gets You High-Niche Based, 100% FREE Targeted Traffic on Complete AUTOPILOT

Thanks for stopping by on my Traffic Zion Review. In this review I will be talking about a new traffic generation software that anyone can use to drive targeted traffic to their websites. Along with the review, I'm going to be going over the upsells and my awesome bonus package that I have put together for the first 40 buyers of Traffic Zion through this page today.

Before I get into the traffic zion review and bonuses, if you have any questions regrading this product, please don't hesitate to get in touch and I will be happy to assist you.

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Main Product Pricing + Upsells

TRAFFICZION – FE   Included Software Download – Training – $37 (Launch Period)  then $47 p/m (After Launch)

TRIBE – OTO1  – Works By Getting Eyeballs to any post you wish. Community based traffic, between TrafficZion Tribe Members.  Focusing targeted traffic, to any posts you want for 30 days . This helps with SEO. $37 

INNER CIRCLE – OTO2 – Group Coaching 2 webinars per month for 1 Year.  Access to all FLAG ship products. Providing with Courses and Training and 2 Webinars per month through the FB GROUP for Q&A and Guidance for One Year.  $67

ZIONTRAFFIC- OTO3 –  DONE FOR YOU TRAFFIC $197 (yearly) – We set things up for your subscribers and all the subscriber does will provide us with their domain, and Keywords based on their niche, so we can send them Free REAL Humans for a whole year. $197 (yearly)

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What Others Are Saying

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Some Exciting TrafficZion Features

  • Fully AUTOMATED Software 
  • No More Paid Traffic 
  • One Click Install 
  • Simple Set it & Forget it 
  • Works For All Niches
  • Traffic From a Reputable Source
  • Ethical Software (Evergreen) 
  • Can Start With Zero Money Down

TrafficZion Review

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How TrafficZion Works

The traffic comes from a legit and overlooked traffic source. Setup time takes only 60 seconds to do. Sounds too good to be true yes.. but it's the technology itself that does the heavy lifting.

The Software is a Windows Based App, (compatible on Mac through parallels desktop) .Download, Set-Up and Forget type of software, where you just watch your stats grow daily, and every hour.  You can minimize it in the back-round, while TrafficZion works for you on autopilot.  TrafficZion works ethically, and follows the platform's guidelines and policies .

How To Set It Up

STEP 1 –  Install TrafficZion

STEP 2 – Search For Your Niche Through Tags and Keywords

STEP 3 – Press Start and Watch Your High Quality Targeted Traffic Come in On Complete AUTOPILOT.

Some Results Using TrafficZion

TrafficZion Results1

Results after just one hour!

TrafficZion 1 Hour

TrafficZion 3rd Day Results

TrafficZion 3rd Day

Using TrafficZion Also Generates Extra Income Through Google Adsense Monetization

Google Adsense Monetization

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In Summary

It's a software that allows you to drive traffic from any WordPress website and get real interactive users. By simply adding your own website details to the software and adding some key elements, you can drive traffic on autopilot.

What I Like Most About This

This is nothing new to me as I have been using the very same strategy but on a manual basis. The Traffic Zion software allows me to now do it all on autopilot which is a huge time saver. The software gives you a much more targeted approach than doing it manually so this is great for me.

Although this is a great way to drive free targeted traffic and get good search engine rankings, please don't think that you will get 1000's of visitors overnight or in a few days. The traffic process is like any other, it builds and gathers momentum over time. It's not a quick fix traffic solution so if you are looking for this type of results, Traffic Zion isn't something that you are looking for.

Does Traffic Zion Work?

There is no reason why it can't work. It's an ethical method which relies on user interaction and good content. In my opinion, the better and more relevant your content, the better your results are going to be. You have to look at this from a user point of view. Would you really like or share that looks awful and has poor content? I don't think you would and that is why I say be sure to have good content on your site so others will have no hesitation in liking and sharing your content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is TrafficZion in a nutshell?
This is a simple-to-setup software that virtually ANYONE can use to start getting consistent FREE traffic on complete autopilot. The traffic comes from a legit untapped reputable traffic source.   *This is a Windows Based App (Mac Compatible through the use of Parallels Desktop)

Q. What makes this different than other softwares  out there?
No other software lets you set up a complete autopilot stream of targeted traffic for free. ! And this works in ANY niche.

Q. Do I need tech skills to do this?
We made sure that we made this a seamless and very SIMPLE process so that any newcomer can be up and running with TrafficZion in no time. With that said, no difficult tech skills are required whatsoever.

Q. Do I need a list to make this work? Or any prior experience?
No list is needed to do this. No prior experience is needed either. Literally all you need to do is follow our crystal clear steps for the initial setup process & you'll be up and running with TrafficZion

Q. Does this have to do with paid traffic? Are there any other investments required?
Nope! The whole idea and concept behind TrafficZion is to get a constant flow of steady FREE highly-targeted traffic so you can monetize your websites and blogs quickly.

Q. How SOON can I expect to see results?
You can easily see results the same day! Because you're controlling the outcome and can run it on autopilot.

Q. Are there any upsells after I purchase?
Yes – There are a couple upsells after you purchase and although they are optional, we highly recommend you consider picking them up because you will find that they are of huge benefit to you and can really SHORTCUT your success even more with the TrafficZion.

Q. What if I need help or have questions?
If you need help, get lost or have any questions, simply contact our support desk by clicking on the ‘Contact' link below. We are 100% committed to your success with our TrafficZion Software.

Q. Can I Get My WP Account Shut Down?
No.  We have made sure that we are following the platforms guidelines, so that our software works ethically with the platform , to bring you the results we are mentioning above.   Nothing to worry about.

mega bonus bundle

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Your MEGA BONUS Bundle


I've lined up some nice bonuses for you to make this even better. This bonus package is available for a very short period of time and i WILL be limiting it to the first 40 people that grab TrafficZion through my blog today. I won't be responsible if you miss out on these limited bonuses sp please get access at your earliest convenience to avoid missing out.

These are limited bonus packages and I have spent a great deal of time making sure that they will both give you value and enhance your use of TrafficZion.

Bonus – 1 – How To Create An Authority Blog In Any Niche That Converts

Bonus – 2 – How You Can Get Faster Results Using Traffic Zion With My Little Hack

Bonus – 3 – How To Get Guaranteed Traffic From Google To Your YouTube Video And Boost Your Videos On YouTube

Bonus – 4 – Make This 1 Simple Change To Your WordPress Site To Make Load Quicker For Your Visitors And Get Faster Profits

Bonus – 5 – The 4 Additional Sources I Use To Get Real Free Traffic To My Website Fast

Bonus – 6 – All Vendor Bonuses ( All Bonuses Offered By Vendor On The Sales Page )

Additional Bonuses – If you are a regular visitor to my website then you will know that i always try to give you the best value by giving additional bonuses. These are usually made up of all the vendor bonuses that the vendor has given me to give to you. These are the bonuses that other affiliates will be offering you. So that you don't miss out, I am including these along with my own bonuses.

( Please note ) – I don't think the bonuses on the vendors sales page are enough, so i have put together some other bonuses for you. You will still get those vendor bonuses but I want to give you the best value for purchasing through my blog today.

Bonus – 7- Seo Ranking Tracking Tactics

Bonus – 8 – High Profit Blog Secrets

Bonus – 9 – Word Press Seo Beginners Book 

Bonus – 10 – Viral Secrets

Bonus – 11- Super Affiliate Shortcuts

Bonus -12 – Action List Building Plan

Bonus -13 – WP lockdown

Bonus -14 – Creating Your First Start Up

Bonus -15 – Link Supercharger

My Final Thoughts:

Traffic Zion is a great way to get traffic to your website. The fact that it produces real traffic from real people is a big step from all those fake website visitor options that people offer in other products. Having real traffic visiting your website, especially from the WordPress community is a big plus for rankings of your content, not to mention the potential income if you monetize your content correctly.

Having been through the software and training, it does appear a little confusing and for those who like to rush things, it's going to leave you lost. If you follow the set up instructions from the start, you will have things running in no time. With that said, I must state that this is not some overnight traffic fest which is going to get a crap load of traffic in one go. It is designed to build your traffic over a slower period and on autopilot. I do have a nice little tutorial which shows you a quicker way to start getting traffic and that is included in my bonuses, so if you want that, then be sure to pick up Traffic Zion through this page.

How To Claim Your Mega Bonus Bundle

Claiming your mega bonus bundle is easy. Just click the link below, that will take you through to my official bonus page where you can purchase TrafficZion at any time by clicking on any of the yellow buttons. Once on the sales page, you can confidently make your purchase knowing that as soon as it is confirmed, send me your clickbank receipt via email to ( with the subject “Traffic Zion Bonuses” and your bonuses should be automatically returned to you. If not, i will send them manually within the hour.Please note, this email is for Traffic Zion bonuses, if you don't include the subject title as instructed, it may get automatically discarded.

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