Tube King Review and Bonus

Make A Minimum Of $321 Per Day With New YouTube App

Hey whats up guys Dave here and welcome to my Tube King Review. In this review i will be talking about this new YouTube app that's going to allow you to generate free traffic from YouTube and make silly commissions on a daily basis all on complete autopilot. Stay tuned to the end of this review because i have an awesome exclusive bonus package for you guys if you get Tube King on this page today.

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tube king review and bonus

What Is Tube King?

TubeKing is a unique app that leverages the video giant YouTube for 100% free traffic on complete autopilot. This is a cloud-based app so you can generate traffic from any device, at any time. A lot of marketers have avoided YouTube due to the lengthy time investment & because they don't want to show their face on camera – until now! You can get setup in around 60 seconds…and you don't need to learn how to edit videos or show your face on a camera.

How Tube King Works.

1. ACTIVATE: All it takes is a few clicks – Worry not, you don't have to be a computer geek to operate this app.

2. SPY: The app will start searching for non copyrighted videos that are proven to go viral in the background, on your behalf.

3. FINALIZE: To take things to another level, our app will make the video go live. This instantly gives you an edge over your competition, by giving you a higher ranking for more views!

What Does Tube King Cost + What Upgrades Are Available?

FE Tube King ($19.95) ** EARLY BIRD FOR THE FIRST 5 HOURS WILL BE $17.95 **. YouTube automation app that generates laser targeted traffic with ease. Sleek looking, easy to use interface.You don't need any video editing skills and don't need to show their face on camera, because our app scouts YouTube for non copyrighted videos that are proven to go viral.

And to take things to the next level, our app will then make these videos use YouTube's live feature, instantly giving it a higher ranking for more views meaning more sales! Everything is done in the background and you do NOT need tech skills or previous experience for this to work.

OTO 1 – TubeKing Unlimited ($97) – The name is self explanatory, you have NO limits of how many videos uploaded. Plus loads of extra features:

  • Channel tracker
  • Video ranking analysis
  • Fast track subscription button
  • Video downloader
  • Image editor (Ideal for thumbnails)

OTO 2 – TubeKing DFY ($47) – Skip the trial and error using our done for you materials, so you can start seeing results with the traffic you generate with TubeKing.

  • Lead magnets…
  • Squeeze pages…
  • Converting emails…
  • Guaranteed approval to 10 different affiliate offers..

OTO 3 – TubeKing Traffic ($97) – For the next 12 months you will have the opportunity to add your pixel to our sales pages so that you can retarget the visitors.

OTO 4 – TubeKing Reseller ($97) – Sell TubeKing as our own product and keep 100% of the profit, while using all of our sales materials and support team. There's nothing to upload or host, we do it all for you!

OTO 5 – Group Coaching ($77) – Group coaching mastermind – be a part of a group of like-minded people being coached by Dan Ashendorf, a guy who's generated over 7 figures online. This is a HUGE discount considering he charges thousands for a short one on one session!

Why Should You Use Tube King?

YouTube is more lucrative than before and here's why..

  1. Overlooked By Most Marketers – Most marketers end up ignoring YouTube because they think they need to show their face on camera to see real results!
  2. 1.9 Billion Active Users – YouTube has an enormous 1.9 Billion users, meaning 1/3 of the entire internet uses this site.
  3. Broad International Audience – YouTube is popular and lucrative in over 56 different countries!
  4. 2nd largest search engine behind Google – YouTube is a MONSTER sized search engine, making it the 2nd biggest only behind Google…
  5. Worth $160 Billion Dollars – YouTube is estimated to be worth up to $160 billion dollars

Benefits Of Using Tube King

  • Anyone can see results with TubeKing, regardless of previous experience
  • TubeKing solves the biggest problem that internet marketers face, which is traffic!
  • ​Not only does it deliver automated traffic, the traffic is LASER targeted, super responsive, and loves to spend money.
  • You don't need to create any videos – our app finds non-copyrighted videos and ranks them for you all on autopilot. Yup. We're not joking…
  • No technical skills are required – all of the tech mumbo jumbo is done for you, behind the scenes.
  • You can get setup and open the traffic floodgates in 60 seconds or less!


TubeKing is a simple to use but effective app that will get you results. Don't waste your valuable time trying to figure out how to rank on Youtube yourself. The sooner you start to use TubeKing, the faster you’ll start to make money.

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