Vlueo Review and Bonuses

Revolutionary New Software Will Rapidly Find, Target, Track & Place Ads On Highly Relevant YouTube Videos.

Welcome to this Vlueo Review and Bonuses post. In this review i'll be talking about this new software designed to find monetized, highly relevant videos in your niche that you can advertise on YouTube videos.This revolutionary new software will rapidly find, target, track & place ads on highly relevant YouTube videos. So you can effortlessly drive down your ad spend and maximize your ROI.

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vlueo review and bonuses

What Does Vlueo Do?

Laser Targeting – Quickly search and locate monetized videos by keyword, likes, dislikes, views, comments, plus more advanced criteria.

Sell More – Find and locate YouTube creators to help promote and sell your products for you.

Get Traffic Faster – Create your own Google ads inside the software in seconds.

Save Money – Drive down your ad costs with Vlueo's built in (easy to use) 1st party tracking solution.

VLUEO will gather endless lists of highly relevant monetized YouTube videos for you rapidly- so you can start advertising on them and, see a positive ROI as soon as today. And you barely have to lift a finger to make it happen.Being able to harness the power of the second largest search engine in the world like this is groundbreaking. It works on Mac, PC, or mobile –any device with a web browser.

Once you’ve located your monetized videos, you can start showing your ads on them in a matter of minutes, getting your marketing message in front of hoards of laser targeted buyers.

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Vlueo Main Features

Powerful YouTube Video Search – Quickly find monetized videos with almost a dozen filters. Preview the ads by type and export to csv/xls. Save unlimited lists and more!

YouTube Creators Search – Find YouTube creators by keyword and other filters. Get various and relevant pieces of contact info and export unlimited lists and more!

Easy Google Ad Builder – Prefills your ad with text and image placeholders as well as tracking data to get your ads up fast!

Video Ads Tracking And Analytics – View important statistics and get accurate data with our 1st party tracking cookies solution!

Youtube Video Ads Library – A growing list of YouTube adverts with important analytics for viewing.

Keyword Atlas Keywords Software – Get laser targeted keywords from over 20 different sources!

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How Vlueo Works:

Powerful YouTube Video Search – Vlueo allows you to quickly search and locate monetized videos by keyword, likes, dislikes, views, comments, plus more advanced criteria.


Easy Google Ad Builder – Inside Vlueo you can save the data you need to create your own Google ads.


Unmatched Video Ads Tracking And Analytics – Vlueo will also drive down your ad costs with its built-in (easy to use) 1st party tracking solution


PLUS More YouTube Video Ads – When you get access Vlueo today, you also get access to a constantly growing list of newly discovered video ads and statistics so you can discover what does and doesn’t work.


YouTube Creators Search – Vlueo allows you to quickly find and locate YouTube creators to help promote and sell your products for you.

YouTube Creators Search

Who Would Benefit Using Vlueo?

Social Media Marketers – Stop wasting time with Facebook ads and get super laser targeted traffic using Vlueo.

Online Entrepreneurs – If you make money online then you need a reliable source of targeted traffic. With Vlueo, you can do just that!

Affiliate Marketers – Using targeted ads to promote affiliate offers is still one of the best methods for building a sustainable online business fast.

E commerce Store Owners – Creating targeted ads for your eCommerce products have never been easier using Vlueo. Kick your store into Overdrive today!

Website Owners – Get buyer traffic to your websites has never been easier using Vlueo to find laser-targeted YouTube videos to advertise on.

Offline Businesses – People use YouTube to find more information about businesses, and this is the perfect tool for uncovering the exact audience you need for your offline business.

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