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Copy & Swipe Free Target Traffic From YouTube + Google

VSEvolution enables anyone to copy & swipe free target traffic in any niche based on existing video ranking data. When it comes to ranking, there are a number of factors to consider and with VSEvolution, you can get all these currently successful factors in one place with some simple research which you can easily emulate and use in your own campaigns to get traffic from Google and YouTube in minutes.

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You can use the date from other peoples content or from your own videos or you can integrate the data to create new video content that will fit any niche. With video creation complete, you can then syndicate the content across multiple channels for additional exposure and traffic.

Keyword Finder – Enter seed keywords to analyse competition in any niche.VSE keyword research displays correlated YouTube and Google results and displays phrase competition using a traffic light system. Easy – Competition is colour codded for simplicity and speed.

Rank Data Generator – Generate downloadable titles, descriptions and tags (rank meta details). Use this data to get your videos on Google page 1. Use on existing videos, re-upload old videos, new videos, Or use with VSE created Videos.

Competitor Spy – Why Re-Invent the wheel? Why not copy what works! Instantly analyse & reverse engineer top ranking videos on Google & YouTube for specific keywords…Copy & Swipe So you can win every time!

VS Create 1 – You suck at making videos… Use VSE Create #1. VSE Create 1 includes a unique tool which enables users to crop page sections from web pages and turn into video slides. Plus, add voice overs and complete audio loops.

VS Create 2 – Video Timeline… Use VSE Create #2. VSE Create 2 includes images, video clips, Intros and Outros. plus full customisation features to make building captivating videos in minutes child's play. Plus, add voice overs and complete audio loops.

Traffic Syndication – More Traffic. VSE Now has built in multi channel syndication which means that you can now drive even more free traffic by syndicating across multiple channels instantly. More Exposure

Ranking almost instantly on Google is like finding ‘The Holy Grail when it comes to driving free online traffic. How much Free Targeted Traffic can you drive in the next few hours?

Imagine: What you can achieve now you can jump straight to the top of Google…

Imagine: How much traffic you could drive to your websites, ecom stores, to your offers, or direct to affiliate offers

Imagine: How much you can make each day when you can Rank on Google in Minutes.

It doesn’t matter what your online business model is, which niche you’re in or your experience level… You need more traffic. And where do people search online for solutions? – Google …So that's where you will find the best converting targeted traffic for your niche, and it’s All FREE.

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