10 Best Affiliate Programs to Make Recurring Passive Income in 2021

– 10 best affiliate programs to give you a passive recurring income. Now, after literally looking at hundreds, maybe even thousandsof different commodities, software, services out there, today I'm going be sharingwith you 10, that's right, 10 curricula that you can promote that gives you a monthlypassive recurring, and that's the keyword over here, which means that you promote it formerly, and as long as this personcontinues being a paid representative, these companies will continuepaying you every single month. And I'm gonna be showingyou actual figures, actual case studies, and how you can leverage on these stages togive you a passive income every single month .( upbeat music) Hey, this is Peng Joon here. And today in this video, we're gonna take a look into these 10 differentsoftware services companies that you could be promoting. What if I told you that, togenerate a true-life passive income, where these companies wouldpay you every single month, you got to make sure, numberone, it actually helps people. Number two, it's it's good, and that beings don't cancel because they find value in it, and they wanna continue payingfor it every single month. So today we are going to dive into some of these different corporations, these different software assistances, and register you actual quantities, and not just show you the numbers, but how you can actually promote them in order to get passiveincome every single month. Number one that we are gonnago into is, ClickFunnels, one of my favourites. And over here, I'm gonnashow you some multitudes, so you can see that this is not theory. I “ve got a problem” with presumption, there's a lot of parties that teach us theorytoday, but their own problems is, they never actually do it themselves.So I'm logging into myClickFunnels Affiliate Dashboard, and I'm going to show youa couple of numbers, okay? The first one, as you cansee here, it says MRR. Now, what is MRR? MRR stands for monthly returning receipt. And as you can see here, itis basically active purchasers, and the amount that is multiplied by the amount that theypay every single month. And my stroke, my commissionevery single month from this monthly recur income, from this first illustration is $56,000. Now, what does this represent? It means that, next month, if I do there is nothing, ClickFunnels is stillgoing to pay me that quantity because it's returning. So that means that as long aspeople continue being a user, I'm continued to be paid. So ClickFunnels, what is it? It is a software to build auctions pours. Now, the precedents that I'm goingto be utilizing here today, they're all in the online marketing niche. Now, it doesn't necessarily mean that you need to be in theonline commerce niche.In every single niche, I'mgoing to be showing you as well, how you can source forthese different programmes or software or services. So this first one, ClickFunnels, is basically on sales moves. What auctions moves? Auctions funnels is basically, whenever somebody wantsto sell anything online, they need to have a sales process, whether it's physical makes, whether it's digital commodities, whether it's collecting emails, whether it's e-commerce, whether it's coaching, whetherit is a done for you service, they need a sales processthat delivers parties from the time you don'tknow who the vendor is to the time you actually buy.So what if you could help someone build a sales process online bygiving them huge content so that they understandand see the importance of having a sales process? So that's what I did. So you'll notice that a lot of my material, I show people how to builda sales process online. And then at the end of my content. Now, when I say content, this understand, this could be a Facebook ad, this could be a blog post, perhaps that is via email, this could be going on Facebook live, this could be a YouTube video where I would say somethingalong the lines of, by the way, if you like this idea of structure a sales process online, in the description boxbelow, you will notice that there's a associate for the programthat I just talked about.And if you would like to havethese different templates that I merely demo you today, then go ahead and click on this connection. So can you imagineyourself, if you did that, if you added value through material, again, it could be YouTube, Instagram, it could be email, it could Facebook ad, and you acquainted beings and passed them significance, and the end of everything there is, they signed up for this software and this pays 40% every single month. So as long as this person continues being a member and utilize this software, you're continue getting paid.Okay , now, again, I'm goingto walk you through 10, to give you impressions, to give you clarity and witness which one reverberates most with you. Let's move on to number two. Number two is called ActiveCampaign. So what I love aboutActiveCampaign is retention. You might wanna write thatword down because it's, so it's no point gettingpeople into some sort of recurring where people only exercise it for 1 month, 2 month, and then they drop by the wayside. So ActiveCampaign is an emailautomation software company, and what they do is they helppeople with email market. So whenever somebodycollects email from anyone, this email needs to be start somewhere. Now, there's a lot of differentemail corporations out there. Now, ActiveCampaign, therecurring begins at 20%, and as you deserve more, theywill bump you up to 30%. Now, there are a lot ofemail marketing corporations that will begin straightup at 30% a few months. But the reason why I like ActiveCampaign is because ActiveCampaign'sretention is extremely high. Which conveys the onboardingprocess is good.And the reason why, likethese types of softwares is because there is ahuge pain of detach. You might wanna writethat word down as well, sting of undo. Pain of disconnect, just think of it as like Facebook, right? If Facebook all of a suddenstarted charging you$ 1 a month, and “theyre saying”, “Hey, if youdon't remunerate this$ 1 a month, “you lose all of yourfriends, all your situations, “all of your berths, all ofyour updates, everything.” Do you think you would offer that$ one month? Probably, right? I'm guessing, why? Because there's a big pain of unplug. Same thing, you'll noticethat many of these companies that I'm gonna be showing you here today, they've got a huge aching of detach and that's why they're a greatsoftware to recommend beings. So why is it a huge painof disconnection, is because, when person or persons starts compiling emails, because they are getting ROI, they're getting returnson that investment, that does it no longer an expense, they will wanna continue payingfor it every single month.Email marketing that'snumber two, ActiveCampaign. Next one, count three is, SEMrush. SEMrush is basically a tool for SEO. Now, what is SEO? It is mostly the process of helping people rankhigher on the search engines. Now, to rank higher on a search engines, there is a requirement to different toolsto kind of understand your keywords, to understandwhat is your strategy and how do you optimizeyour affix, your material. SEMrush's affiliateprogram is announced BeRush, this is a 40% reappearing commissioning. So if you are in thespace that wants to cater and help people rank higherin the search engine, SEMrush is actually agreat implement by the way.So notice that thesoftwares and programme and the services offered that I'masking you to think about are softwares and servicesthat genuinely helps people that is an easy sell. You might wanna write theword down as well, easy sell. Now, does an easy sell intend? It means that good affiliate sell is not about persuadingsomebody from a no to a yes, it is about thinking who arethe people that's out there, that chances are they'resaying yes regardless, that they're gonna sign upfor these different things with minimum persuasion. So if somebody is into content marketing, if they're into SEO, there's a good chance. they will see the valuein a software like this, if you're able to create content for them that is able to bridge that divergence. And by the way, if youlike videos like this one, let me know in the comments below, and be sure to like this post, cause it does assist with the algorithm, and be sure to subscribe to this channel.So that's number three, right? SEMrush, which is basically an SEO tool. Next one, multitude fouris basically Improvely. Now what Improvely is, you'll see that it says … …, you pay 50% of first payment, and then 10% repetition revenue, okay. Now, what is Improvely? So Improvely is basicallyon analytics, okay. So for people who wannaimprove their pages and do tests, increase their transitions, Improvely results a toolthat helps them do that, and again it's 50% andthen plus 10% per month.So this is a good combinationof a bigger payment upfront, and then 10% per month, that's multitude four. Number five is the monstrous ofe-commerce called Shopify. So right now Shopify is not recurring, the reason why Shopify isin this list is because, Shopify which is e-commerce, so anyone who wants to setup an e-commerce store, going them on Shopify is an easy sell, every single time when somebody is saying, “Oh, what is a great platformthat is user friendly, “that doesn't require aperson to be a programmer “or a coder or a techperson to set up a store? ” When I send them over to Shopify and Shopify takes care of them. But let's move on to number six. Number six is TubeBuddy. Now, TubeBuddy is on YouTube, as you can see as the specify advocates. And what it does is it helps people with the optimization of YouTube videos, whether it is on a certaintitle, the tagging, the research.The is why I likethis is first of all, compared to all these other programmes that we talked abouthere, like ClickFunnels, and ActiveCampaign, SEMrush, and Shopify, the competition of this is extremely low or relatively lower compared to all those. And the reason is because it's very niche, comparison with like e-commercewhich is such a vast topic. And this is a 50% returning. If you wanna help peoplewho are thinking about, how do I optimize my videosor rank my videos on YouTube? How do I call them? How do I get more visibilityto my YouTube videos? TubeBuddy is in factanother software that I use, that my unit utilizations all the time. And that delivers us to number seven. Number seven is, Answerbase, which is a Q and A software tool. Helps people participate their audiences more effectivelyanswering their questions. And basically what Answerbaseis, so it's 50% upfront, and then 15% recurring.But again, this is kind ofa hybrid of both lives, big payment upfront, and then recurring. If somebody is thinking about like, “Oh, if I have an eCommerce platform “and beings are incessantly expecting “the same questions over andover again about my products.” That party is more likely to want a software like Answerbase to help answer their frequently asked questions, to help significantly reducetheir support tickets, Answerbase would be a great fit for them. And that makes us to amount eight. Number eight is this oneright here announced LongTailPro. Now what LongTailPro is, it'salso in the realm of SEO.And mostly what this does is, it helps people withtheir keyword experiment. And over here, this isalso a 30% repetition. Start thinking about like, what is affiliate marketing? It's about thinking aboutwho are these parties? This is the end goal, right? The dissolve goal is themsigning up for this software under you, and being a customer for life. So in order for them tohave the call to action is, must be considered it as the analogyof, if you educated them how to fish, you would beselling them the fishing rod, all these items in here, these all of the, it's the fishing rod, but there is no desire to have a fishing rod ifthey don't know how to fish. There's no hunger forbuilding a sales funnel online if there's no lust in the first place, because the person doesn't wakeup in the morning considering, “How do I build a sales funnel online? ” Cause there's no desire.But what if you createdcontent where you show people the benefit of gettingleads online, and automating and altering these induces into marketings, through a sales processand how it's applied to real estate agents, insuranceagents, network purveyors. Now that's a whole differenttopic for another day, and if you like me to cover that, to show you how to positionthese types of products and the messaging behindit, and the setup, let me know in the comments below. But that's how you start thinkingand developing this muscle to promote any of these type of concoctions. Number nine is, Instato. Now, there's a lot ofprograms like Instato, but I set this in herebecause I missed a good combination to show you guys how you can be .. So what is this? This is more towards asocial media automation. Now, this helps people withtheir scheduling of their posts , now there's a lot ofthese types of softwares.I put Instato in here is because it's kind of a good mixfor everything else, this is one of thesoftwares that is recurring, but it's in the realmof like social media, peculiarly Instagram. The commission that they payout is 25 %. So think about like, if it'sabout Instagram scheduling, can see here, what is theInstato affiliate program? They give you a portionwhen people sign up, and how it all use is just like any social media scheduler. Whenever a person wants toschedule their Instagram uprights, schedule out in advance, they needa software to do so, right? So again, what if you could help people get that specific resultby creating a content that extends parties to that end result.And ultimately, that draws us to list 10. And count 10 is a huge platform for online learning called Teachable, and they pay out a 30% fee. So how teachable acts is, they will send you acheck every single month, and you can earn monthly income by again, all these affiliateprograms, they're all free. And you can see that itpays you a 30% committee whenever person or persons clues up for a track. And as long as theycontinue being a member, you must pay every single month.Now, are there more softwarescompanies like this? Yes, but I always think about the criteria. What is the criteria? Does it genuinely help people? Is it a great product? Is it an easy sell? Is it easy to get somebody to sign up for thesewith minimum exhortation? If you know that that is theend result, ask yourself, then how do I create that desire through drilling myaudience by content creation? It could be information, presentation or the amalgamation of these twothings, and form that content, whether it's through Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, email to transport beings here. Hey, let me know in the comments below what your biggest takeaway is, if you enjoyed a video like this one, and what other type ofvideos would you like to see from me to help you getthe result that you want.And if you determined this videouseful, crush the like button, subscribe to the channel forfuture videos just like this ..

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