5 Minute Lead Machines Review

Hey guys, welcome to 5 Minute Lead Machines Review which reveals a simple training course that teaches you how to generate leads with a single Facebook post. It's being released by Delilah Taylor on November 20th and you can get all the details below about it and along my bonuses too.

If you are like most other people who want to get more leads for your business more quicker and easier than before, then this could be something that you can get started with right away.

Many people have turned to Facebook to generate leads. This is because it's much quicker to find and connect with a target audience. There are so many groups being set up on FB daily that are niche specific and offers a huge opportunity for a wide range of people in niche specific groups to connect with each other who all trying to achieve the same goals.

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Pricing and Upsells

Front End – Five Minute Lead Machine – $7 – How you can generate up to 112 leads a day with completely free traffic with only a 5 minute set up.

Upsell – Social Sellebrity – $27 – Borrow the audience of Social Media Super Stars in any niche' and be a Social Media
Influencer in less than 30 days. Flip your new found celebrity status into sales.

Downsell – 5K Fans in 48 Hours – $17 – Generate 5000 raving fans in 48 hours by following over my shoulder in this case study that was recorded during a live 3 day workshop. And receive 5 ways to flip fans into hungry buyers for life.


5 Minute Lead Machines Review

The training consists of just 4 lengthy videos that reveal the whole process in both great depth and with real time demonstration. I love the fact that the training is straight to the point and the usual fluff filler that drags out courses to make them appear more valuable than they really are is clearly not applicable here.

The idea here is to create a single post to generate leads from day 1. So when you make this post, you can start generating leads right away. The fact that it offers a flexibilty to work in any niche ensures that everyone is covered with this method and caters for a much wider user.

It really is quick to set up and does only take 5 mnutes to get set up. There are no technical hurdles and is pretty straight forward with the option to scale it all up.

I have these these post types before soi know just how effective they can be. 5 Minute Lead Machines designed to bring lots of engagement that will dominate social media with epic amounts of comments and commissions faster than you ever thought possible.

Not only does it create huge engagement, it also generates the leads that it sets out to get but it also makes you money too..and all this from a single Facebook post that you can do over and over again at your leisure.

I have seen similar methods that do generate leads on FB but i don't think they offer a quicker solution than this.

Another feature that caught my eye was the idea behind getting email leads without having to have a website. You do need the one thing that makes lead generation possible and that's an autoresponder service, pretty much goes without saying really.

Many services actually have an option to host optin pages so creating landing pages is not necessary with this method and Delilah runs through how to create these optin forms and everything that is needed to capture leads from Facebook.

When putting the final piece of the puzzle together, it's clear that you need to find the right people and finding the targted leads is not as difficult as it once was. People are much more accepting to others when they are in the same niche and trying to achieve the same goals or interests. It's not like you will be randomly connecting with people that don't share the same or similar interests as yourself and others.

Over all it's a great little training course for building leads but i did feel that there were a few things that were missing that can really vamp things up with 5 Minute Lead Machines.

I have put together some really cool bonuses that i am certain are going to increase both leads and sales when using 5 minute lead machines and my first bonus gives you the option to get started immediately.

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Bonus #1 – How and Where To Get Free Social Signals – In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to get free social signals for your Facebook posts..Likes, comments, shares etc..

Bonus #2 – How To Turn Your Blog Posts Into $1000 Passive Machines – In this tutorial,we shift from Facebook to blog posts but this will benefit all the traffic and leads you collect from Facebook posts as you can send them here to increase your passive income.

Bonus #3 – 10 DFY Social Media Graphic Posts – This collection of media graphic posts allow you to get started right away without having to write or create them on your own. Just select the one you want to use and post away.

Bonus #4 – Over 650 HQ Templates + Graphics – In this bonus, you are getting over 650 high quality graphics that you can use in your posts to look professional and attract attention.

Bonus #5 – How To Build A Targeted Profitable Buyers List – In this tutorial, you are going to learn how to build a targeted buyers list. You have collected leads from your Facebook posts, now you need to filter these from the freebie seekers and create a targeted buyers list from them that you know have already spent money and are willing to do so again.

Bonus #6- All Vendor Bonuses – Not applicable for this promotion as vendor not including bonuses.

Check out all my bonuses and how to access 5 minute lead machines below for just $7.

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