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Hi, Dave here and welcome to today's post in which i give you my Audience Tool Kit Review. I will also be giving you a demonstration of the product and going through my bonuses that i have put together for you if you decide to purchase it through this page.

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Audience Tool Kit first got my attention due to the fact that this software application allows anyone to build a highly targeted audience on Facebook with very little effort and for free (other than purchasing the actual product that is).

I've always been a huge follower of this kind of traffic and audience generation methods because my early doubts about them were soon quashed after using other tools that accomplish a similar goal. This is not the same kind of approach as a recently released product called Instant Buyer Traffic which follows along similar lines but is somewhat different.

This tool does use an automated process and is an ideal for Facebook business users and developers looking for the more targeted audience and clients for their business.

Check out the demo video below to see exactly how it works and functions.

As you have just seen from the demo video above, the application is very easy to use and follow and offers some nifty little features. I did however notice a couple of things that would have made this a little better. I will be discussing these in my complete Audience Tool Kit Review a little later.

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audience tool kit review

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audience tool kit review

My Audience Tool Kit Review

Ok guys so let's get into this review and start off with some positive things that i liked about it. A review wouldn't be a review unless all the good and not so good are highlighted and that is what I am all about, giving you valuable information about products.

What i liked about it is that it was very easy to install. There is no complicated software download or entering emails an confirming purchase details to access, it's a straight forward single click to install, enter your authorization code and your done, nice and simple.

I also liked the fact that it isn't fully automated across the software and the developers behind this have taken great care to make everything run as natural as possible and stuck within the guidelines of FB. This is so important right now when it comes to Facebook because they are forever changing the way they do things over there and it's too easy to get accounts banned. This doesn't allow you to over do things and has fixed limits on following, liking posts and so on. This is all designed to keep you guys safe and keeping within the limits of FB.

I can see how those with a business on Facebook would find this application very useful. With some careful planning, you could really form a targeted following.

So that's some of the good stuff out of the way. Let's move on to what i didn't like. I am sorry but i am very hard to please and if i can find a minor issue, im going to let you guys know about it.

As i mentioned at the top of this post, i have used other software tools that do something similar but what i felt is missing is having the option to put targeted followers into their own specific groups. When I build my FB buyers list, i automatically send them to a specific list. With Audience Tool Kit, I didn't come across that option ( or i missed it).

I though t i would mention this because it's easy to build a huge following with this software and i felt that for some, having a whole new bunch of friends on Facebook mixing it up with none niche specific friends or family, may cause a little confusion for those guys.

Ok, so that's the good and the not so good, what did i think overall?

Yeah this is a nice tool for what it does and can be very beneficial for many FB users. It's got some great little features and if used to it's full potential, it should be a nice investment. It's easy to use, it's fast and it stops you getting banned and over doing it.

Going back to the issue of sending new people to lists, I have created a bonus package which includes a bonus that covers this issue. In this particular bonus, I show you how to build a buyers list in your sleep 🙂 , so maybe you want to check that out.

Ok guys, that's it for this Audience Tool Kit Review. If you haven't watched the demo video above, head back up there and watch it. If you want to access this software and all the training, you can do so by clicking on any of the blue links on this page. I have listed all the bonuses that I have put together for the purchase of this product below.

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Main Features

  • 100% Beginner Friendly
  • One Click Install
  • Fully Automated
  • Target Your Audience
  • Multiple Profiles
  • Works For Any Niche
  • Simply Gets RESULTS!
  • Money-Back Guarantee

Benefits of Use

  • Save Time And Automate Up To 85% Of Your Networking
  • Build A Laser Targeted & Engaged Audience For FREE…
  • Get In Front Of The Exact People Who Buy What You Sell
  • No More Wasting Countless Hours Daily
  • Turn Your Social Profile Into A Lead Machine
  • Skyrocket Your Messages & Engagement
  • Build Laser Targeted Audiences In Any Niche
  • 10x Your Results With Dynamic Personalized Messages

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