Create No Brainer Bonuses To Get Better Conversions With Affiliate Offers

A friend of mine in the make money online niche was complaining about how much he has to do all the time for his business. I always try to drop some positivity on him when he starts whining like this. Sometimes I tell him a life lesson I learned through my trials in the MMO niche.nOther times I just drop a motivational quote on him like this one…

Your true success in life begins only when you make the commitment to become excellent at what you do. — Brian Tracy

I think that’s wise advice…

To make the commitment to become excellent at what you do.Like many affiliate marketers I compete with myself. I always try to beat or improve my conversions by doing a few things that some in my niche won’t do like these.

When creating a campaign for a new affiliate offer make sure you go through the product that you're going to offer to your audience.
Go through the the product and see if there are any things that weren't really explained. You know… something that is lacking in the product and if you find a void, fill that void with your bonus. One great way to do this is to belong to a website or a membership club that has as plr products available to download.

One strategy to do is to take a bout 4 or 5 plr ebooks that are on one subject. Then take the titles of the best chapters that are in each ebook. Next write a page or so on the topic and put it all together into one ebook as a bonus that covers in detail the info that the affiliate offer is lacking. It goes pretty quickly because you already know about the the subject. You’ll find it will just roll off your tongue, especially if you find a few articles on the subject to read so the topic is fresh on your mind.

Remember, I’m saying to educate yourself and put the material in your own words. You can use some of the material in the e-books depending on the PLR license that you have with those e-books. Basically you can use the chapters from the e-books as an outline to create the bonus.

Just so you know… a friend of mine told me he bought a product one time because the bonus was so good! He said the bonus happened to be 4 GIGS of PLR which he needed so he bought it. The product was just an afterthought, in his mind the value was in the 4 GIGS of PLR.

One other way to create a great bonus is to take 10 plr ebooks on the same subject, make sure that they are really good and put them together as a starter kit. In other words, pimp the content to make it unique.

If you don't know what pimping plr is or how to do it, then i recommned you take a look at one of the best people in the business for this type of content creation. Trevor Carr offers some great advice and training which has helped out many people launch their own products. You can click here to get free training that teaches you how to pimp plr by Trevor Carr.

Listen, a great bonus can really be the difference in making sales for you.

So create a stellar bonus for every offer you promote, each one should be chock full of goodness for your audience!!!

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