High Ticket Cash Machines Review and Bonus

Below you will find my High Ticket Cash Machines Review.

High Ticket Cash Machines is a step by step video training program which shows how to make high ticket and mid ticket affiliate commissions both quickly and easily. It also shows how to create your own high ticket products.

This method caught my attention because I love products that come up with ways of making real money. Ususally tey offer a significant discount on the training if you grab them earlt enough.

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Watch It In Action + Proof

Pricing + Upgrades / Upsells / OTO'S

FRONT END: $16.95 – $27

Introduction to High Ticket And Mid Ticket Affilliate Products

High Ticket Hacks – 4 separate case studies on how we were able to make high and mid ticket affiliate commissions on autopilot!

Interview With Stephen Gilbert – Stephen explains how he created his own 5K product and how he sells it with 100% free traffic.

High Ticket Rolodex – A list of high ticket affiliate offers that we have compiled so that customers can find an offer right out of the gate.

Product Selection – how to select high and mid ticket affiliate and CPA products for maximum conversion and the best networks for them

Lead Capture/List Building – How to set up a capture page, split test it and optimise from maximum conversions, and advises the best software for creating them. We provide 8 Ad copy templates that customers can use for their own landing pages and other advertising material.

Research And Traffic Vault – How to tap into over 20 different traffic sources, keyword & audience research and how to undertake research on your competitors traffic sources and advertisements.

OTO1: $37 – Follow Up and Email Marketing – How to 5x or 10X their income by:

  • How to follow up a lead
  • How to build trust with your list
  • Email Follow up sequence examples for leads
  • Email Follow up sequence examples for customers
  • Why and how you should segment your list
  • Broadcast emails and how to increase open and click rates
  • How to split test and optimise emails for greater engagement.


Million Dollar Interview With Richie Nolan – Richie was the sales manager for one of the biggest Internet Marketers in the world and was responsible for closing multiple millions of dollars in high ticket sales over the phone. This shows how he closed multiple 7K sales over the phone. The exact script and funnel used to make over which $100K monthly and over $1.3M Yearly.

OTO2: $197 – 3 Done For You Campaigns

Incredible value here. Customers will receive highly optimized, not one but three done-for-you campaigns in high paying niches. The DFY campaigns consists of keyword research, top paying recommended products, squeeze pages, thank you pages, multiple email follow ups as well as giveaway product, so they can profit instantly. All they need to do is edit, upload and send traffic. These top quality DFY campaigns are like no others in market.

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Official High Ticket Cash Machines Review

High Ticket sales is fast becoming a trend for making money online today. Many affiliates are taking full advantage of these high commission promotions which require less work but pay much more than low ticket offers that affiliates stick to. With just a couple of high ticket sales, you can easily surpass money being made by many other affiliates who are still trying to reach goals of $10, $20 to $100 days.

Why Use High Ticket Cash Machines?

This new training called High Ticket Cash Machines teaches you how to promote, create and sell high ticket offers to make you big money with less effort than the common low ticket promotional offers. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with promoting low tickets offers. The problem is, you usually need to drive more traffic to these to increase the sales volume and this is something that many affiliates fail to do.

Who Should Use It?

What i learned about this training is that it doesn't require any special skills. In fact, the only thing you have to do and i am sure you are well advanced in the technical department to do this, and that is follow the training throughout the course. I have givem you a video to watch back at the top of this page which provides income proof and how effective this training can be once followed. It clearly demostrates how anyone can use High Ticket Cash Machines to boost their income even if you are a complete beginner. Having said that, even if you have some basic knowledge regarding affiliate marketing, i think this will come much eaiser to you.


Ok guys, so this brings me to the end of my High Ticket Cash Machines Review. On a personal note, I would highly recommend this training course for all levels of afiliate marketing. I have implemented this trainingmyself and have seen increased results with it and so now, you are in a position to do the same.

High Ticket Cash Machines Bonus ( Only 50, 16 left )

Bonus #1 – How To Create Your Very Own High Ticket Product – Get instant access to 10 HOT, over-the-shoulder, step-by-step video tutorials on how to create your very own high ticket product or service and attract high paying clients.

Bonus #2 – How To Get Started Today Selling Your Own High Ticket Product – You only need to sell a few of high ticket products each month to pay the bills so why not make one of your very own high ticket products? This course will show you how to sell it!

Bonus #3 – How To Market And Publish Your Content Expertly – How Mo Market And Publish Your Content Expertly. Get your product in front of as many eyeballs as possible. Not just anyone, but people who are already looking for your information in this easy to follow video training.

Bonus #4 – Step-by-Step Blueprint To Getting Traffic And Increasing Your Profits – Discover the step-by-step blueprint to getting more traffic to your site and increasing your profits.

Bonus #5 – Full Access To ALL Vendor Bonuses – Most affiliates will be offering you the bonuses from the vendor. I am going to give you access to those bonuses as an addition to my own bonus package so you get even more value by buying through my page.

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High Ticket Cash Machines

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