How To Use KLT To Make Sales With Videos

I'm guess you are wondering what “K.L.T” is? After all, its sounds like some medical procedure or some complicated, high tech jargon. Well K.L.T is what is going to determine whether you make money with your videos or not or even succeed in your video marketing campaigns. It really is that important so listen up guys.

The thing here guys is, you better prepare yourself around this concept and seriously focus on it with intent or you could be spending a great deal of time, effort and resources trying to make money with videos only to fail. This how how important this really is and i can't stress that enough.

What Is K.L.T?

K = Know
L = Like
T = Trust

Confused? Well here's what brings all this together.

When was the last time you purchased something from a complete stranger? I am hazarding a guess at never. You are not alone on this. Most people only buy from people that they trust. This is very much the case in any online video marketing. It doesn't matter how long it took to get that trust, most people only ever buy from people they feel they can trust.

So How Do You Get To The Trust Stage?

Basically, you have to feel that you like the particular option offered to you. Have you ever visited a video promotion, then moved on to another video promoting the same product and then feeling like you would be more comfortable purchasing from one of those options over the other? I think you get the idea.

How do you get to like a particular option over other options?

You have to know enough about your problem for you to think that you would prefer one option over another. This is the K.L.T process at work.

So as far as you are concerned and your videos, your job as a video marketer is to walk all your viewers through the K.L.T process.

Your viewers start out by knowing a little about their problem. Then they like a particular option. Then you take them by the hand until they trust you enough to like the option that you are offering and you have to use video to make all this happen.

How It Works

The “K” videos are the ones that teach viewers. An example would be if you are selling something like baby shoes. You would teach the viewer the importance of buying these particular baby shoes. You basically stress the benefits of the purchasing the product. You compare the different types of shoes out there to the type you are promoting.

Your video must be constructed in a way that is designed to get the viewer to like your particular option. To build trust, you come up with video reviews of the different models of the option that you are selling.

This is how you use K.L.T with videos. It's all about using the right kind of video at the right time which results in people starting to trust you more and eventually make sales.

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