Launchify Review and Bonus

Launchify Review and Bonus


Launchify Review
Launchify Review

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Launchify Review – Introduction

Thanks for joining me on this Launchify Review. In this review Im going to be talking about this new training course from Matt MacKinnon and co producers Piyush Harne and Juwon Million. This is a course that offers a new and unique approach which steps outside the realm of traditional youtube launch jacking, and shows you a completely unsaturated method to dominate and make serious money.

If you didn't already know, launch jacking has taken off recently and has become ever popular for many affiliates to make easy income from this particular appraoch to affiliate marketing. With careful planning and cunning, you can make a lot of money with this method as many of the tip affiliates will confirm.




Launchify Launch Details Overview

Vendor: Matt Mackinnon
Product: Launchify
Launch Date: 2018-Sep-10
Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
Front-End Price: $17
Sales Page: 
Niche: Affiliate Marketing


What Is Launchify?

It's a video training course that teaches you how to successfully rank content be it video or written, in Google and YouTube using paid traffic methods for products that are soon to be released. Most of you guys may already know this as the launch jacking approach. This is a similar sort of training but uses a varied approach using 3 paid traffic sources via social media. Check out the sales page video below for further deails from Matt regarding launchify.


Watch The Sales Page Video


See My Launchify Review of the Members Area

Launchify Features

It features a full set of detailed, step by step training videos that reveal how to get started with this course. Many people like to think there is a different place to start and this leaves them missing some vital steps..Luckily, throughout this training you are open to every step that is crucial to your success.

There are 10 videos in total which doesn't include the welcome video and final closing video, so you have 10 videos teaching you the training.

The training teaches you how you are going to be building a website ( for those that don't already have one or want another for this project ) and full yprepare it for the launch jacking business. You are going to learn all then seo techy stuff that's made easy to follow and how to act out a full on launch jacking campaign using paid traffic sources. Your campaign will consist of review post, review video all of which are easy to do. The following steps are about getting traffic to your campaign which is going to help you rank and make money.


Pricing and Upsells


Launchify Pricing and Upsells
Launchify Pricing and Upsells


FRONT END: Complete over-the-shoulder training where Matt will show your list this incredibly powerful and untapped method of launch jacking, which can produce upwards of $1600 in 5 days EASY.

OTO1: In depth retargeting masterclass with Juwon Million. This training will help to retarget your traffic, and produce sales you would have otherwise lost – all backed by an incredible case study.
OTO2: Our highest converting done-for-you master templates. This includes both platforms used within the front end training course. These templates consistently generate a 1600% ROI for us.
OTO3: Resell rights to Launchify. Both you and your list will benefit from the incredible value Launchify brings and the ability to offer it as a bonus to your Launchify campaign.


Who Would Benefit From Using This Training?

I think there is so many of these launch jacking course out there already that teach how to create campaigns for this method. What most offer is the free traffic method and for some reason, many of these free traffic methods fail to deliver. So for that reason, I suggest that anyone looking for a more reliable source of traffic generation would find this course useful. This is ideal for any market type, ecommerce, digital products, etc.For me Launchify at least provides you with this comfort.


What Are The Advantages – Disadvantages?

Pro's – Offers a workable method of making money promoting other peoples products. This method does work and is proven to work. It's easy to do and anyone can do following the training.

Con's – Uses paid traffic sources. Although this traffic method does have a higher of success rate if done correctly, it can become expensive + uncomfortable for those that have never experienced paid traffic. The training offers the best way to get results using paid traffic so it would pay to take particular attention to the traffic videos closely.


Conclcusion –  Launchify Review

Overall this is a good training course if you want to apporcah the launch jacking angle from the ground up. There is no reason why I can't see this working for anyone who take sthe training onboard. It's a proven method that is already working for many people in this marketing sector. Most of those do use free traffic methods so I feel that Launchidy does offer a slight advantage over those free traffic users.

I did feel that the lack of YouTube ads training was a little concerning considering that most people these days use YouTube video for their promotions. On that note, i should mention that I have taken the liberty to include YouTube Ads training in my bonus package which you will get for free if you get launchify through this page today.

To get instant access to the course and bonuses, please click the button below. Thankyou..


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