My Honest Fuego Breakout Review and Most Relevant Bonuses

Today I was watching (and reading) a few reviews about Fuego Breakout, a new traffic training course from Jono Armstrong and his marketing partner on this, Brendan Mace. As i went through each of these reviews, they all kind of had the same formula.

They would run through the sales page and pick bits of information as hghlights and then tyey would run through all the upsells, then plug their bonus packages and then finally onto the actual product review itself inside the members area. Having waded through hours of these video reviews, I concluded that they didn't really have any care for the product, they were more interested in teasing the viewer with their bonuses than the value of the product. To be perfectly honest, most of the bonuses that are on offer are real poor and offer no real assistance to the main product. I guess this is how marketers work these days.

As i stated, going through these reviews and checking out the bonuses, I decided to do my own review on Fuego Breakout and also put together a very beneficial bonus package for anyone who decides that they want to invest in this training course. I will be talking about these bonuses inconjunction with this review as they are relevant to the sections of training that is accessed so you will see how they fit as i go let's get started with this Fuego Review.

Lets start with what Fuego Breakout is all about first.

Its a video training course fully presented by Jono Armstrong that is going to allow anyone of any experience with an Instagram account, drive traffic to any offer they are promiting using traffic from Instagram Influencers. What happen is, you find an offer to promote, create a landing page to collect emails, once the a person subscribes, they are directed straight to the sales page offer.

This serves the user in 2 respects here, #1 – a new optin to their list and #2, a potential sale. Either way, this is a win situation for the user because even if they din't make a sale, they can still mail out to any subscribers that they collect at a later date.

But..that's not the end of it. For those that didn't purchase first time round, these visitors are going to be targted again using simple goodle ads having placed a pixel on their page. These Google ads are going to go out and target these visitors to give them another chance to grab the offer and that is about the brunt of the method in this course.

The whole fuego breakout training is very detailed and easy to follow and has been offered up in the easy to digest fashion possible

Before you head off a decide you want in, let me just talk through a few things and the first thing i want to mention here is that having a good Instagram account here could benefit using this method even further. One of my bonuses teaches you how to set up an Instgram account for marketing and this is probably an important part of this methods success.

I don;t want to go too much into the Google Ads side of things because Jono has done a fantastic job of showing how to set all that up. I wanted to talk about the investment side of things and I feel that here is where many people may still be sat on the fence. It does involve a small investment to get this traffic from the Influencers and rightly so. These guys have all the contacts, have all the sway, so it's only fair that they should be paid a small fee to put your offer infront of all your followers.

I fully understand that many people simply don't have the funds ti get started with this or they may be hesitant but don't worry if this is you because i have a bonus that has you covered. I have a bonus that shows you how to get free infuencer shouts outs. Yes, you can test this stuff out for free and this particular bonus is going to show you how to do that, so if you are short of investment funds, or you are still unsure, you can test it out for free with this bonus.

To save you even more time, I have thrown in another bonus which is a list of ready to go influencers should you decide to go on the paid route. There are over 30+ Influencers in this bonus that I have put together to save you time. Again, this is the paid approach but they are a good list and should provide good results.

What Do I Really Think About Fuego Breakout?

I am going to be perfectly honest, I thought it was going to be another one of those products that throws a method into the mix, everyone jumps onboard and the effectiveness dies off after a week or so. Sorry, i must appologise for getting it so wrong. This is certainly not the case in Fuego Breakout. It can't get saturated, it can't get over used and unless Instgram fall of the face of the earth, it's effectiveness will run form now til the end of time.

Jono has done a real good job of making the training as friendly and easy as possible, so much so that I couldn't question any apsect of it like you usually do.

Who Would Benefit From Using It?

Well, anyone who wants traffic and wants to make money basically will find it beneficial. There is no level of experience so it caters for everyone. I do feel that the stronger the Intsgram account the better this could work. If you are considering doing this with a fresh and new Instgram account, I would hold back and build some authority, get some content out before implementing this. It's not going anywhere so there really is no rush for this. One of my bonuses covers you on how to achieve this.

Would I Recommend It?

I have no issues with recommending this. It's an easy to do method that can yield great results. The only issue would be buying this and not putting it into action becuas ethere is no reason why this can't work for anyone.

Ok guys that concludes my Fuego Breakout Review, As i stated, i have some great bonuses that will help you much more than other bonuses that you have come across, you can check these out here on my Fuego Breakout Bonus Page.

If you got value from it, why not share it with friends or with someone who may benefit from it. Thanks for joining me on this review and good luck.

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