Promoting Affiliate Offers To Your Email List

Marketers in the make money online space can get overwhelmed quickly. There is so much to learn and do, it’s tough to know where to start.Those who just dive in have a better chance at succeeding.

So if you’re overwhelmed and are unsure where to start…Take some advice from Walt Disney “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

When it comes to choosing a platform to promote an affiliate offer, an email list is one of the the best routes to go. Most people tend to buy affiliate offers through their email list because it feels more personal, especially if the author of the email writes in a manner as if he/she was speaking directly to a personal friend.

When promoting an affiliate offer to your email list always make sure that the product is one that you believe in and buy or would buy yourself. If you don’t buy the product be sure to get a review copy and check it out before you promote.

An email list is the core of every internet marketers business so make sure to treat them right and only promote good offers. When promoting an affiliate offer to your email list it’s always good to make a plan a few days ahead of time. If the product is about to launch in a few days start pre selling a couple days ahead of launch day. Pre selling is just a couple of emails a day or 2 before the launch date to build excitement.

Many marketers then send an email at the exact time of the launch on launch day.Then the day after the launch send another email, make sure to use different subject lines and stories in your emails.

Each email you send should provide entertainment value, actionable content and then the pitch. This email structure tends to work well if you have a responsive list and they know and trust you.

The 3rd day send an email in the morning and then send the same email in the evening to the unopens with a different subject line.

The last day of the launch send an email in the morning, one in the afternoon and the last one a couple hours before the price goes up when the launch ends. This is a very effective 4-day email campaign and you should make some sales depending on your list, how good the sales page is and how good the product is of course.

Well, good luck and remember the money is in the list because typically more sales are made through email than any other platform.

By the way, if you have a facebook audience you can create a 4 day campaign the same way. You can even use the same info. just tweak the emails a bit to make it sound right. If you want to build a buyers list on Facebook, then check out my Instant Buyer Traffic Review.

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