Rank Master Review – How To Do Affiliate Marketing With YouTube

In this Rank Master Review, I am going to talk about a new training course from Robin Palmer which in my opinion the best way to generate a real monthly income the smart way. I could even say that this is the best way to generate a real income with affiliate marketing the smarter way of generating an income online and the cool thing is that it doesn't require you to show your face on camera to record videos.

The training based on actual results and we're not talking about theory or abstract concepts that some might think work, no this is something different, this is based on something that Robin Palmer has been doing for the last couple of years this is one of the best courses when we're talking about youtube and affiliate marketing because it's simple to understand and it shows you how to actually make an income fast with youtube and affiliate marketing and that's what Robin is sharing within the Rank Master course.

He really is not leaving anything out here, he is literally spilling the beans i'm sharing with you including everything that he has learned during this last couple of years online since he got started.

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What's Inside Rank Master?

There are seven main models included within this course. There is also included, different bonuses and resources for you to get the best possible results with Rank Master. You will also receive a welcome message inviting you to join teh private facebook group where you can ask all your questions and get all the support you need to get the best possible results with affiliate marketing with youtube. So let's check out each module below in turn and explain what's going on.

Welcome To Rank Master: This is an overview of this entire product plus a very important section which has to do with preparing yourself for success and what to expect which is a little bit about the mindset the way you want to think to get the best possible results after the overview then i have a very important video which has to do with how to select the best products to review now it's crucial for you to watch this video because it's going to help you understand how to really get results with affiliate marketing.

Overview / Mindset & Important Videos To Watch: This is a very important video which has to do with how to select the best products to review now it's crucial for you to watch this video because it's going to help you understand how to really get results with affiliate marketing.

The Equipment: In this module,we're gonna be talking about the equipment. Essentially Robin will be showing you a few of ways of getting started quickly. For example, the screen recording software options both free and paid, how to do this with your phone, If you have to be on camera or not, the best video editing software and bonus page builders.

Setting Up YouTube Channel For Best Results: This module is going to be about setting up your channel for the best possible results. So you're going to be the importance about phone verifying your channel or there's a second option if you don't want to do that. There's also a really cool hack here the channel art, the channel description, how to buy an aged youtube channel, how to submit your channel etc and all of this here is based on Robin's own personal experience.

Creating and Uploading Videos To YouTube: Here we learnabout creating and uploading videos to YouTube and how to actually do a successful review, How to create a review using demo videos, how to create a review using AI voices, uploading your video to YouTube, the descriptions, the text and so on. As you can see, Robin is goes into real depth within this course with no stone left unturned. He covers what you need to do once you have uploaded your video and that's something that he is going to be covering at the end of this module.

How To Rank Like A Master:  This is probably the most crucial element of Rank Master. I'm not gonna to reveal too much to you about this section. Inside you have four high in-depth video training sections with resources and everything showing you the exact process that Robin does do to rank videos. We're not only talking about YouTube, we're talking about Google as well. Robin also covers things that you probably haven't heard before which he has been doing for several years. This is literally his entire knowledge downloaded into this course and this is something that i think you're gonna be looking forward to so pay very close attention to this module.

How To Sell More: Here you are going to learn about how to sell more, how to create bonuses, the ultimate way of creating bonuses, creating your own product, how to make more commissions and sales when delivering bonuses, how to deliver the actual bonuses, pre-selling your bonuses and the review. You are getting the exact process of how Robin does all this to great affect. This is just a fraction of what you will learn here but there's so much more to it,this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Building An Email List: Building a buyers list is like having a license to print money and in this section of the training you are going to discover building your email list and you can do this ranking videos. YouTube is just a tool but Robin is gonna be showing you how he does it and how you can start from scratch. He also reveals how to send easy promotional emails using this system. Then we have the final 2 modules which is bonus content and resources where you will recieve additional training and updates.

Rank Master is like a living organism so to speak because it's constantly growing and as things evolve, the feedback from customers will enable Robin to keep adding more content. You will also have  some really cool software that he's going to be adding which is high quality software that you're gonna be able to use as a part of Rank Master process.

Conclusion – Should You Invest In Rank Master?

If you are looking for a tried and tested way to make money with YouTube videos, then look no further than this. If you ned proof that Robin Palmer is the real deal, check out his channel, check out hios latest YouTube videos and see where they rank. You will see that he is able to rank for any video, any time for any launch using the methods revealed inside Rank Master.

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