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Introduction To The Lost Code

Looking to quit your job? Spend more time with your friends and family? Never want to worry about your finances ever again? Yes, this i the big dream and one that has been embossed into many peoples minds over the years.  With huge promises of untold riches if you follow these particular steps or you invest in this particular system. Back in the good old days, this used to be the norm and still is in some parts.

We all want to live the dream, and for some, the chosen path is a long one. Why? Most affiliates these days have a choice, the low ticket offer or the high ticket offer and I can guarantee that most of the affiliates out there are stuck on the low ticket side of things and in this post, I reveal The Lost Code which takes you away from all the myths and false thoughts that you may have endured over the years about selling high ticket offers to make real money.


So What Is The Lost Code All About?

Its basically the difference between becoming a smart affiliate and a normal run of the mill affiliate. One will do extremely well and make huge amounts of money in half the time selling high ticket offers and the other will continue to make the same amount of money but over a longer period. Don't get me wrong, low ticket affiliate offers make money..but they can be a tedius daily struggle. The Lost Code offers the opportunity to make money with a simple approach but in less time, more profit and in a much easier way.

If you still believe the myth that selling higher ticket offers is hard, you need to take a step back, give your head a little wobble and think again my friend because if you have the know how, you will find that it is not as difficult as you were led to believe.


The Lost Code Review
The Lost Code Review


What You Can Expect From The Lost Code

You are going to be learning through step by step videos how to make it as an affiliate selling high ticket promotions. You are going to be dusting the cobwebs from those nasty ” I can't do it” thoughts and put yourself in a postition to actually succeed.

Through out this training, every step is covered that you need to take to succeed. Just by watching the case study in side the members area will knock out all failure thoughts from your head because this case study is real proof, real results that this method works.

Inside the members area you are presented with a set of training videos that each reveal the lost code method. Below I go through each of them for you and give you an insight as to what they contain.

Video #1 – Welcome Video – The first video is where Brendan basically introduces himself which is great for those that haven't heard of him.

Video #2 – Overview of The Lost Code – Basically this video summarizes what you are going to learn inside the course and offers some examples and detailed breakdown of each of the methods you are about to access.

Video #3 – Case Study & Proof – This video gives you a real inside look at real income proof and shows you what products made the money..Please note that this not some fake income, this is Brendans account on WarriorPlus.

Video #4 – Lost Code Money Pages – This video reveals a scarcity method that is really simple to set up and deals with high ticket offers. This particular method is going to increase your conversions by a mile. The great thing about this method is that you can do it on low ticket offers too and you are still going to see a significant conversion boost.

Video #5 – Audition Money Method – This video is pretty interesting because here you learn a method that kind of reverses the whole selling process. You will have to watch this video to fully understand the power of this method..In other words..I don't want to reveal too much.

Video #6 – Simple Little Promos – This video is dedicated to Jono teaching you from the ground up how he puts together a highly profitable review video. Jono talks about the equipment to use, how to create a profesional bonus page,creating bonuses, thumbnails and video structure and other cool stuff that goes into his own campaigns.

Video #7 – Your Very Own Webinar – This video finds Brendan telling you how you can promote his hight ticket offers in exchange for huge commissions. Brendan gives some valuable pointers to making big bucks with webinars. Webinars are wher the big money is and if you want to know how, this is the video for you. There is a webinar being screened on the 19th August which will go further into depth about webinars..

Video #8 – Traffic Method #1 – Free Traffic From YouTube – This is a fairly in-depth video which shows you everything that Jono is doing to rank at the top of YouTube which is virtually on every promotion he does. If you want to know how he's doing this, then you must watch this video.

Video #9 – Traffic Method #2 – Cheap Quality Traffic From Bing – This again is another tutorial from Jono which fully explains how he uses bing ads for really cheap traffic to send to where ever he wants it to go and shows you exactly how to set evetything up.

Video #10 – 3 Underground Traffic Sources – The 3 traffic sources in this tutorial centers around Instagram, Twitter and Google Ads which is something that Jono has become an expert on and forms a big part of his daily success. If you look at where Jono has come from over the past year in terms of success and popularity, Google ad is what helped him get there.

Video #11 – List Building Hack – This final video teaches you how to build a buyers list and goes into great detail on how and why you should build a list of buyers from the promotion sales you make.

Ok guys, so that is basically The Lost Code explained. I hope you have got a good idea what you will be purchasing and learning.


The Lost Code Pricing and Upsells



The Lost Code Funnel


Front End  $12.95

Upgrade 1 ($37) – “Done For You” Campaigns + Pages “The Lost Code”

Upgrade 2 ($197) – Limitless Traffic for 365 Days.

Upgrade 3 ($397) – 52 weeks of personal group coaching with Jono and Brendan. Only 25 spots.

Upgrade 3 DS ($4.95 Trial) – Test out 2 weeks of coaching. Rebills at $67/Month

Upgrade 4 ($197) – Lifetime Affiliate Campaigns

Upgrade 4 DS ($4.95 Trial) – Test out our “Done for You” Campaigns for two weeks. Rebills at $37/Month

Upgrade 5 ($97) – License Rights – 100% commissions by selling Lost Code as their own product.

Upgrade 6 ($2,000) – is Brendan's personal 1-on-1 coaching with your customers. Normally Brendan doesn't like to sell coaching very often, because it takes up a lot of his time to deliver it. But it's here for you, the affiliate. We'd imagine it would be very nice to see your screen with a $1,000 commission.

Downgrade 6 ($197) – is Brendan's digital coaching. Your customers get Brendan's coaching materials. They log-into the members area and go through the trainings. They do not get access to Brendan.


How To Access The ost Code + Bonuses

If you want to get the lost code today, simply click on the button below. You will have access to my bonus page which are delivered automatically in your warrior plus purchase history. Click on any of the yellow buttons to secure your lost code bonuses which are only availlable through this page.

Get The Lost Code
Get The Lost Code
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