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Page 1 Of Google & YouTube In MINUTES! Software Gets As Much FREE Traffic As You Want With A FEW CLICKS OF YOUR MOUSE…

Hey guys Dave here and today I have got my Traffic Xtractor Ultimate Review. We all know that getting traffic has a huge impact on any business and without it, nothing is going to happen. Art Flair has come up with a traffic solution that aims to get you to the top of Google and YouTube for as much traffic as you want with just a few clicks of your mouse.

I have been inside the members area and the video below shows you exactly what is inside this traffic machine. I also tell you about my exclusive custom bonuses that I have put together for the first 45 lucky people to grab Traffic Xtractor Ultimate through my page today.

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Front End – $27- Software + Video Training + Case Studies + Bonuses

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(Only 45 Bonus Spots Available – 22 Left)

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Traffic Xtractor Ultimate Bonus

In Summary

Let's be totally honest here, you need high quality traffic and high ranking to beat your competition traffic.Traffic Xtractor Ultimate offers you a solution to do just that. It's a point-and-click software that will get you free traffic on demand by finding profitable keywords with little to no competition.You can then take those keywords and quickly rank your YouTube video and get traffic fast.

Inside the training, you will also find the real-life case study that shows you exactly how videos ranked on page 1 on Google and YouTube in three simple steps which i will go through now for you.

Step #1- Finding Keywords

Using the software, you find keywords load your keywords click get competition and find out what the competition is for those keywords, with the harvest keywords tool you can paste the keywords, the software login to Google AdWords and it is gonna get some suggestions for you it's gonna download all the keyword variations and import them.

Step #2 – YouTube competition.

By selecting the keywords you are interested in ranking for, you can click on each of the keywords to check out the top 5 ranking videos for those keywords and see if they are easy to outrank. The software provides full data on these videos and gives you all the information you need to decide if it's a go video campaign.

Step #3 – Rank Your Video

You can use the scribe video training to create your video or any video creation method you choose but either way, you create a video around the keywords you have selected to rank for. Then follow the upload video training before you upload your video. Once you have everything in place, you publish your video and without any SEO, you will be able to rank on both Google and YouTube.

It is possible to get these top rankings if you know which keywords to target target and if you know the actual method the actual strategy to apply to actually make this work. Of course there's a little bit of a learning curve and  if you already know about this stuff, some of these things are not going to be new to you. If this is totally new for you well there's a couple of things that you need to learn before you actually can use this but  it's not very complicated once you follow the video training.

I wasn't too keen on the video creation side of things. I am all for creating real person videos and not some animated version because i seriously believe that unless you are in local marketing, the animated side of video has lost it's attractiveness over the last few months. Maybe i'm wrong but for me, it's much easier and quicker to fire up some recording software and record the video content yourself than messing around spending time on creating animated videos.

With that said, i'm not too sure about these low competition keywords getting much traffic. I personally think there is a reason why there is less competition for these keywords and that's because there isn't many people searching for them, hence the ease of ranking in Google and YouTube for them. For this very reason, I have put together some bonuses that offer a much better solution to ranking higher search term videos and getting you much better traffic turnover..You can learn about this in Bonus #1 and Bonus#2 listed in the bonus section below.

(Only 45 Bonus Spots Available – 22 Left)

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Your Exclusive Traffic Xtractor Ultimate Bonuses

Traffic Xtractor Ultimate Bonus


Your Exclusive Bonuses

Bonus #1 – Get Guaranteed Traffic From Google To Your YouTube Videos  And Boost Your Rankings and Traffic With My Secret Source

Bonus #2 – Get The #1 YouTube Top Spot Rankings When Ever You Want Using My Secret Hack

Bonus #3 – How You Can Get All The Free Social Signals To You Want To Increase Your YouTube Rankings With My Sneaky Tutorial

Bonus #4 – How To Boost Authority + Backlinks To Your Site With This Simple Hack

As you can see, these are great bonuses and compliment Traffic Xtractor Ultimate smoothly. I have decided to keep these bonuses to a minimum especially as my first 2 bonuses are going to guarantee top rankings and i really don't want to add to the competition. So for that reason, i'm limiting the bonuses access to just 45 people who get access today through this page. Once all the bonus spots have gone, these bonuses won't be available so please don't ask me to open them up when they are gone because i can't. They WILL GO QUICKLY so please clia your bonus spot as soon as possible by following the instruction steps below.

Final Words

Traffic Xtractor Ultimate is a great tool for those looking for guaranteed rankings targeting low competition keywords. To be honest, ranking these keywords isn't that difficult but it's the training and putting to use what is working right now that is going to make all the difference. getting YouTube and Google rankings is still a difficult process for many people right now and that's not their's just the lack of those little important tweaks that are missing and with this software and training, things just got that little bit easier from that perspective.

I would definitely recommend in investing in this product. It does what it says and it offers a solution, one that many would find very welcoming. If you are impatient and want it all done for you with less ground word, then i recommend you get the first OTO because it has everything provided fore you and all you need to do is download all the material and plug it in.

With that said, if you want to target much more competitive keywords or rank videos for launch jacking or affiliate promotions, then my first 2 bonuses will ensure that and is a nice little accompaniment to the front end.

How To Claim Your Exclusive Bonus Package

If you are interested in getting access today, you can do so by clicking the link below. This will take you to the official sales page where you can purchase Traffic Xtractor Ultimate. You can follow the steps below to claim your exclusive bonuses.

Step #1 – Click the link below to purchase Traffic Xtractor Ultimate

Step #2 – Send via email your Clickbank receipt number to ( with email title “Traffic Xtractor Ultimate Bonuses”. This email is for these bonuses only and is set to auto-deliver your bonus access links. Please make sure you have titled the email correctly. If you haven't, this will delay delivery of your bonuses.

(Only 45 Bonus Spots Available – 22 Left)

(Click Here To Start Getting Top Spot Rankings,Free Traffic + Your Exclusive Bonuses)

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