Using Push Notifications To Promote Affiliate Offers

The road to success is littered with many potholes…Don’t take my word for it, take advice from one of the most successful inventors in history…

“I failed my way to success.” — Thomas Edison

If you are looking for ways to promote affiliate offers then push notifications is a good way to go…There are several free applications to sign up for to be able to send push notifications. Find one that suits your needs and sign up for their free version to start out.

The next step is to use a good free report as a lead magnet to entice people to download the free report.

When they click to download the free report they are also allowing you to send them push notifications. You can promote the free report download through paid facebook advertising, free facebook advertising and any other ways you usually get the word out. When people click to download your free report they are added to your list of people you can send push notifications to…

Once you have a few hundred people on your subscriber list, start looking for some good affiliate offers to promote. Once you have found a few good offers decide which ones you want to promote right away. One thing to remember when promoting affiliate offers is that marketers tend to get better conversions when they do a review for the product they’re promoting.

Next if you choose to do a review then do a review for the affiliate offer by recording your computer screen and explaining all the reasons why it’s a good product. If you want to just send your prospects to the sales page for the offer you can do that too…

Just remember that this direct linking strategy is less effective than sending them to a review video or review page. When you’re ready to send the offer to your push notifications list of subscribers I suggest you do a test run to make sure everything is working correctly.

Next, create a short ad that you want to appear when your subscribers get the alert.

Something like this…

Activate Your Affiliate/Payment Link.

Just activate your affiliate payment link. That's all you need to do to make money. Click here to see how it’s done NOW!!!

Be sure to have a nice image included with the ad because it can help conversions.

Then for the next two days send out the same offer but use a different ad each time.

It’s always a good idea to track which ads do the best so you can use them over again using different offers or use a portion of the ad and see what works best.

Then rinse and repeat…

Good luck with all your affiliate offers you send with push notifications and…

Remember our quote when things get tough…

“I failed my way to success.” — Thomas Edison

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