VideoSeeder Review and Demo

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Hi and welcome to my VideoSeeder Review. This is a new software that is going to allow you to generate syndicated traffic from the most powerful traffic generation method available, videos. If you are not using videos for traffic, you better stay tuned through out the whole of this review to find out what you are missing out on and how to solve your traffic problem.

VideoSeeder Review and Demo

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What Is VideoSeeder and Why Should You care?

If you are looking for traffic, video syndication can generate a ton of traffic, SEO rankings and customers for any online marketer if done right. The only problem is, most of the video syndication apps in the market compel sharing from a small pool of IPs (their server). How does this affect you? It means spammers and bad marketers of kill of the platform for everyone.

VideoSeeder is here to stop all that for you with this new syndication app.

Syndication as a strategy is powerful, but syndicating effectively doesn’t mean just throwing content at platform. It is all about posting content in an effective and staggered manner so that Search algorithms discover new content and links all the time, powering up your original video and driving the most amount of traffic to you.

It also means protecting your content from spammers and not being bunched together with them. Using the same IPs and server as someone who might be spamming is bad news for everyone. VideoSeeder is the only syndication system that has all of the advantages and none of the disadvantages.

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Benefits of Using VideoSeeder

Max Traffic From Your Videos: Why get only 1/5th the traffic from your videos? You get more when your video is seen on more platforms. Show it with Videoseeder on every platform.

Get Higher Rankings Automatically: Make the ‘laws of attraction’ work in your favor. Publish your videos on every platform and you’ll get better rankings thanks to more backlinks and better content discovery.

Auto Upload – Auto Promote: Upload your video to platforms like YouTube, Vimeo etc and auto promote them on Facebook, and other social platforms. Do it hands-free!

Make It A Revenue Maker: Get Videoseeder now and also get the Commercial License that gives you the rights to promote videos for others. Sell your services in the local market, Fiverr or Freelancer. Build a powerful revenue stream.

How VideoSeeder Works

How VideoSeeder Works

Set Up Campaigns To Auto-Upload Your Videos – Set up campaigns and automatically upload your videos to multiple channels on the most popular video sites on full auto-pilot

Single-Click Upload Any Video – Add all your video accounts and drip-upload videos everywhere with just a single click.

Create Powerful Video Promotion Campaigns – Promote your videos on every social network in a drip-feed manner without going insane posting endlessly.

Promote Videos To Multiple Social Networks In One Click – Drip-promote your videos on all your social network accounts in one-click

Publish Your Videos As Articles To Multiple Blog Platforms – Get backlink juice and power your top rankings by auto-posting your videos as articles to multiple blog platforms.

Select From A Huge Collection Of Popular Platforms – Select From A Huge Collection Of Popular Platforms

More Features + It's Uses

  • Publish your video on 5 video sites.
  • Post your videos on blogs likes like WordPress & Blogger.
  • Get high-quality backlinks from powerful sites and climb up the SERPs.
  • Get high-quality backlinks from powerful sites and climb up the SERPs.
  • Show up on all the popular sites and dominate your niche completely.
  • 100% safe and approved application that uses authorized platform APIs.
  • Promote your videos on 15 social media & bookmarking sites
  • Totally hands-free. Schedule & forget. Videoseeder takes care of it.
  • Drive social media traffic to your videos and get more views on your YouTube videos.
  • Build up a solid subscriber video subscriber base sourcing traffic from all around the web.
  • Runs from your computer not a server (your IP) and protects you from being marked spam due to others.
  • Support for Spintext makes every post 100% unique and fresh.


Tools are fantastic but tools but knowing how to use them is SUPERB! Buy Videoseeder now and we will also give you the powerful traffic mastery training teaching you the same secret tricks that get us traffic like this on YouTube.

Use the software, learn the training and you’ll get 3x or 4x the results from Videoseeder. Make use of this limited time offer and grab Videoseeder because the training is going to be a paid add-on not long from now.

(Get VideoSeeder + Exclusive Custom Bonuses)


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