Why Optimizing Your Profile With InstaBio Builder Makes More Sense

When setting up Instagram profiles, it needs to serve a purpose and of course the purpose of getting people who visit your bio to a place where you want them to go. The problem is, you are very limited in this area and that's why it makes more sense to optimize your profile with InstaBio Builder and here is why.

InstaBio Builder Review

Let's take a run through of what setting up an Instagram profile would consist of.

After you set up your Instagram account, you will be shown a front page with the basic information that you provided Instagram when you first signed up for your account. When you tap on the right bottom corner and you will see your profile information summarized. This information is going to include the number of posts you have made, the number of users you follow and the number of people following you, so far.

So right now, what you want to do is to edit your profile and optimize it before launching it, so you simply hit “Edit your Profile”.

Here, you can enter your custom name, which people will see when they get inside of our page. It is recommended to be something related to your company or products, which in your case will be whatever brand name you choose.

It's important to take care when using a customized name because your username may not be completely descriptive of your brand or product due to character limitations for web site addresses and name availability on Instagram.

By default, your username will be the one you entered when you signed up, but you do have the option to change this. This username is the one people will use for finding you because it will be right there on our Instagram’s account web address.

The final piece of information that you can edit to show to the public is a description and this is where InstaBio Builder becomes a power house. This has to be a really good and to-the-point description that goes in accordance with your business direction or products.

When you have all of your information as you want it to be, you can tap the ok sign on the upper right corner to save it. If you want to check how other users will see your account, go to www.Instagram.com/yourusername in your browser.

It is recommended to check other successful companies' Instagram profiles and compare them to yours to see what’s trending, and to examine how they use their content. There is a lot to be learned from just looking at businesses running older profiles.

As you can see from the above steps, this is a real process that not only has it's limitations but also can be a disaster if done wrong. InstaBio Builder eliminates all this and eliminates the limitations of where you can send traffic.

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As we all know Instagram allow their users to add just only 1 link to their bio profile.

This is BIG limitations with Instagram that hold you back from getting the most of the free traffic that you can generate with Instagram. That's not all, you can’t have multiple links going to different things because you only have the ability to add just one.

What that basically means is that you have to choose a single place to send all of the traffic from your Instagram profile and this can be a real stunbling block, one where you have a tough decision to make, especially if you’re looking to use your Instagram following to grow your social reach across other platform and showcase your products or services.

InstaBio has overcome such limitations. You will now have control of where your free Instagram Bio link traffic goes. You can link your social profiles and messaging platforms to your generated bio pages, such as, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr, Snapchat VT, Buffer, Patreon, Google+, Flickr

You will also be able to add unlimited links or buttons buttons of your new blog posts, article, contents, products, affiliate offers, the list is endless. So now you will have,

  • Complete customization, retargeting and tracking built in.
  • Awesome mobile rendering and responsiveness.
  • Connect custom domains and high converting custom URL shortener.

This is a cloud based app and there will be no messing with APIs or complicated solutions. This was built with non techy and newbie in mind.

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