YT Marketer Review – How To Monetize Your YouTube Channel Fast

Welcome to my YT Marketer Review. This is a new training from Chris Derenberger which teaches anyone how to monetize a YouTube channel fast.

Inside this training, you will learn exactly how Chris created a 7-figure YouTube business and how you can replicate his system for your own YouTube business.

This course will teach you how to get your YouTube channels monetized within 1 month and how to rank your videos above your competition for affiliate sales, product reviews, leads generation or whatever you use YouTube for. Chris teaches everything step-by-step along with real case studies so you can see how it all works and get real proof of results.

Why Monetize A YouTube Channel?

If your videos adhere to all of YouTube's community guidelines, YouTube adds targeted ads to each video you upload. The small ads don't interfere with your videos, and the targeted content helps each ad receive more clicks, equaling more money for you. Inside YT Marketer, Chris shows you how to choose the right content that will get you more views on your videos.

The YouTube monetization program is very simple. Companies in the Google Adsense Network create ads that are placed at any moment in the video. Each time a viewer watches the entire ad, you get paid.

Becoming a YouTube Partner gives you access to robust resources and additional money-making opportunities. The program is free to join, but your account must meet certain criteria first. The extra tools and resources available to YouTube Partners are designed to help you build your fan bases faster and create higher quality content.

YouTube Partners don't have to stay on YouTube. In other words, because YouTube Partners involves a non-exclusive agreement, you have the option of uploading your content across other networks, all while keeping the same monetization advantages.

As the largest online video community, YouTube lets you reach a worldwide audience. Partners receive the additional benefit of extra promotion, along with inclusion in various advertising programs that run not only on YouTube, but on other websites and even offline as well. Since YouTube is performing the extra promotion for you, you are free to create more videos to impress your growing audience.

YouTube provides Partners access to special developmental programs to improve content. Partners also have access to analytical tools, along with a community of other Partners to learn from. By teaching you how to create better content, YouTube can help you increase your fan base, which in turn can increase revenues for both you and the site.

Partner videos show up at the top of search results, giving you additional exposure. Your videos are also syndicated to YouTube partner sites to help you reach audiences outside of the main YouTube website. This additional exposure may prevent your videos from being lost among the millions of others that reside on the site.

As a YouTube Partner, you have access to additional customization features. For example, you can customize the entire page to match your business or brand. You can also create your own skin to make your channel page stand out and ensure that it fits your niche perfectly.


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YT Marketer Review

This is a training course by Chris Derenberger and if you don't know who he is, he has been YouTube marketing since about 2013 full time earning six figures a year. In 2021 he will be earning seven figures between the revenue from ads on his YouTube accounts and from affiliate sales and that's exactly what Chris is going to be teaching in his YT Marketer training and how you can do the exact same thing.

Once you have purchased this course, you will have access to the membership area and there's a training section. There Is also a facebook group which is optional as it will be a monthly membership but very beneficial if you do because that's where Chris will be sharing more personal details about his own YouTube channels and new things that he is learning and other things he is doing in his buisness.

YT Marketer is broken up into two different sections, the first one is monetizing a YouTube channel and the second part is the ranking section. When you go through the training ,you can look at the training and see what you're going to get.

I'm going to go through and explain everything about setting up a YouTube channel so if you're new to YouTube don't worry about it because everything is covered step by step and shows you how to get everything set up on it the correct way from the start.

YT Marketer Explained – Monetization Section

For those of you who have been trying to get a YouTube channel monetized with YouTube ads, you can earn from every view of your videos and Chris is going to show you how you can do that in as fast as nine days.

You can check out the full case study in this section that shows you how he took a brand new YouTube channel from beginning to end and had it monetized in nine days and you're going to see how after just a few days after that he was already earning revenue from the ads and affiliate commissions from products that he was promoting on these YouTube channels.

You are going to learn about creating videos and the types of videos you need to have in order to be monetized. There are certain types of videos that YouTube really likes it's what they're looking for and if you're doing something other than this there's a good chance you may not get monetized.

If you don't want to create videos, no problem because you also learn how to outsource videos if you don't want to create them yourself. The whole process is covered including uploading videos how to properly optimize them for the best results.

You also get to see how Chris gets the watch time and the subscribers really fast to get his accounts and approved for monetization. He even sets up a whole second YouTube channel and goes over this process again so you can see exactly what he is doing and that it does work over and over again. In fact you're going to see the videos that he is uploading to these channels. You're going to see how he uploads the videos step by step over the shoulder and he leaves nothing out.

You can check out an update video in here where he takes you into both of these YouTube channels over the period from beginning to end as they're getting monetized so you can see what's going on with them.

The Getting Approved video is going to show you just that. It's going to talk about the things that YouTube looks for when they manually review your account and how to get your account set up and ready to be approved manually. After that you are going to see an update with three week results on these two channels, how they're already earning income from both revenue from ads as well as affiliate commissions.

Chris also explains the analytics and the different types of ads you can have on your YouTube channel and then the recommended niches you should be involved in if you want the highest CPM possible for earnings. CPM is basically how much advertisers are going to pay per 1000 views and depending on the niche you pick this can be as low as two dollars per thousand views. Chris has some channels that range between 60 and 80 dollars CPM all the way up to points where he has hit up to 155 dollars.

CPM is the next part of this training where you will be taken inside and shown how to rank YouTube videos. For many of you, you may have seen that Chris has done launch jacking in the past and has won numerous competitions over and over again simply because he would outrank all of my competitors. In about 2016 2017 he actually started his own YouTube ranking service and now has clients all over the world both individuals and businesses who buys his services to rank their videos and he isgoing to show you how he does this in this section.

YT Marketer Explained – Ranking Section

In this section you are going to go over understanding YouTube and the algorithm. You must know what YouTube looks for when ranking videos before going into the proper optimization of your videos which is going it's going to help them to even get ranked more and for more keywords.

This is also highlighted in the boost your rankings video.That's exactly what Chris going to show you how to do with any video you upload on your YouTube channel and for those that are more competitive of keywords he shows you how to use CTR or click through rate to drastically increase your rankings in YouTube for your videos. He even goes to the lengths to prove this with a second case study of where he uploads a video on a newer YouTube channel that only has five other videos and i'm able to move it from position 32 all the way up to number two in just 20 minutes and you're gonna see everything step by step.

YT Marketer Conclusion

Some of the strategies taught in this course are advanced and a bit black hat. So if you're not comfortable with this type of marketing, you may just want to pass it up.

This new course will be replacing all  other YouTube courses in the upcoming months from Chris so I suggest you get access to YT Marketer as quickly as possible so you can take full advantage of all the future updates. Members will get free updates for life as Chris continues to add more videos and training throughout 2022 to make this the most advanced and profit generating system available for YouTube.

Every one of these videos is loaded with content and tips and tricks that Chris has learned over the past seven to eight years to rank his videos and build a seven figure a year business
and now he is passing it on to you and if you join him in the facebook group you're going to be walking side by side along with me throughout this whole process so where we can all grow together.

If this is something you know for sure you want to do then get started now by clicking the button below to get started with YT Marketer.

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